Do you ignore SDMB threads?

What percentage of threads do you A) glance at B) follow intently C) ignore?

Me? A) 10-15% B) 5% C) ~80%

I can’t really give you a percentage. A lot depends on how much time I have to spend in here–sometimes there are days when I never make it at all. I suppose I’d have to say I ignore the vast majority. I glance into a few, some more than once. Some I post to then never go in again. A small number I post to and follow closely. And there are a very few that I follow because I think they’re interesting, but don’t post to–I don’t know enough about the subject, or have nothing to add that hasn’t been said already.

About the same percentages for me. I don’t know how some of the posters find the time, but I have to be very selective. Don’t want to spend all my free time here, and I’m just not interested in many of the mundane or frivilous topics (games, surveys, popularity contests, etc.) I think some posters are obsessed.

For me it just depends on the topic.

If it engages me I look, if the subject inside is worthy of comment I do so.

So why am I posting in this thread?

< giggle >

As much free time as I can.

A. 25% B. 2% C. The rest… 62%
Neato quiz

I read them all.

I ignore threads that don’t have interesting topics.

For example, I’m ignoring this thread…Wait. Damn.

am i missing something?

Yer pal,

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I usually ignore posts and threads by Satan. :smiley:

I depends on the day, and my mood.

I’ll pop into a lot of threads and skim the OP, then wind up back-spacing out.

Others, I’ll ignore for a couple of days until I’ve read all the threads I really want to see, then I’ll go back to the previously ignored threads, and finally read them.

Not that this thread was one that got ignored, or anything. :wink:

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