do you know a game called the challenge?

I’m looking for a game called The Challenge. It has some of the following characters. It’s a very simple derivative of Dungeons and Dragons. Can anyone give me a clue how to nail down my search for this? Too many things have the word challenge in it. I can’t find the publisher or another good Clue like that.


  1. Orgak Foulbreath
  2. Koegm’c Goebmn (5 HP Thief)
  3. Zignok Notooth (3 HP Wizard)
  4. Eoman Hollowoak


  1. Grimley Alebelly


I googled for “RPG The Challenge” and got a couple of hits that might be what you’re looking for:

The Challenge RPG - a free online RPG
The Challenge RPG - same free online RPG as above

You don’t say if you’re looking for a P&P game or an online game or what, nor do you give us many details to help you search; the list of names and races is really no help.

Sorry, it’s a table top game with cards. I just forgot entirely about the idea of online games. It’s not really a role-playing game. You draw your cards and fight the other players with the skill sets of the characters you’ve drawn. P&P apparently means pen and paper? It’s not that.

Is it this?

Just came back to put that link myself. Thanks.

Looks like the publisher never did anything else. I suspect this was home grown and didn’t make enough money to get the people further jobs in the industry.