Do you know a transsexual/transgender person?

I worked with woman who was a lesbian. Worked with her again several years later, but was now a he.

I know many transgenders. I live in a small town. About 18 years ago a gal showed up at my house asking if i would take photos of her on the beach. I did and we became friends. Since then I have met most the transgenders that live in my town. About 20 of them.

Just one friend-of-a-friend (female-to-male transgender) who I spent a long travel weekend with, along with several other people. I think I wasn’t officially supposed to know, so the fact of his birth gender never came up and it was a normal (and quite fun) weekend.

This is not someone I know personally, but a favorite author of mine (who makes you feel like you know her, if you read enough of her books) wrote a very interesting account of her journey from male to female, Conundrum.

Oh! You just reminded me–I *do *know Jan Morris. We shared a literary agent and met back in the 1980s.

I know one, but we’re not close. She’s a friend of a friend, who I see semi-regularly at social engagements. She’s a facebook friend. I’ve met others (that I know of), and I’d be surprised if I hadn’t met some others that I never knew about.

That I know for sure, I know two.

One of them was my bioorganic chemistry teacher, back in undergrad. In the few glimpses of personal life he showed during the semester, it seemed his marriage was on the rocks and heading towards divorce, and his office had a picture of a pretty baby girl I assumed was his daughter.

This was spring semester, the next fall, while searching for him, I couldn’t find him by first name, but his last name was there. He was now a she. I just searched her name again, and yes, I’m glad to say she’s still there. And the picture she has now is much nicer than what she had then, so I guess the transition has been well.

The other person I met through the dope. Although I first contacted her pre-transition, I met her in person when she was already she. She’s lovely!

Two - oddly both tall Chinese men who turned into tall Chinese women. One I know from a conference, and the other was one of my daughter’s junior high teachers. The kids loved her. The Mormon parents were not so sure.

None that I know of.

Not closely. A woman who used to work at my husband’s company was supposedly MtoF trans; given her body size, facial shape and build, it was plausible that she was an average-sized guy in a former life - in other words, she didn’t have dainty features, small bones etc. that looked all that feminine. On the other hand, neither do I and I’ve been female since birth.

But, supposedly she told a third co-worker that she was in fact trans. Not having received this information directly from her, I can’t say for sure. And really, who gives a rat’s ass.

More recently, a friend’s 15-year-old son was born with indoor plumbing. 2ish years ago he came out to his parents as lesbian, a year or so back he came to realize he much more strongly identified as male. At the moment, he’s living as male and beginning hormone treatments to tilt the scales toward male development; no surgery yet.

Two, both somewhat incidentally, and both FTM.

One is a horse riding teacher I took some lessons from in college. My friend trained with him and I respected the skills of the trainer quite a bit (and still do). At the time the person wasn’t very “out” about the situation so appeared as an incredibly masculine woman which was confusing to many because of the lack of context. Interestingly he was rather a bigot in other ways (ie, disapproving of white people and black people dating, for instance).

The other person was a friend of a friend I just met a couple times socially (after he had finished transitioning). Nice person, unremarkable otherwise. If I didn’t know the back story I wouldn’t have guessed he was ever female.

My boyfriend is a transguy, and I’ve met a few other trans people through him - mostly other FtMs.

No, none that I’m aware of. Never met one that I was aware of.

I don’t currently know an out gay person either.

I used to.

One was the girlfriend (now wife) of a formerly close friend of mine, but I haven’t seen either of them in years because ex-friend wigged out on me over some imagined slight (I still don’t know what) and stopped speaking to me shortly before they moved to another state. While we were still friends, she once demonstrated her “guy voice” to us (she’d taken elocution classes while transitioning, of course), and it was seriously weird to hear this deep, booming voice coming out of her mouth. Intellectually I knew she used to be physically male, but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. She was a tomboy, but she was always a girl to me.

I suspect a former BF was/is. This was many, many years ago, and he was a transvestite at the time – but I say “at the time” because when I asked, he said he wouldn’t transition because he wouldn’t and couldn’t come out to his family. Even as a young sprout that struck me as a lousy and not-sustainable reason. However I haven’t seen him since we broke up, so I have no idea if he ultimately went for it or not.

I sort-of know a third, who is known in the fringe theatre circuit around here for her one-woman shows. I’ve spoken to her once or twice (we’re both performers), but beyond that I don’t know her at all.

Yep. I have a relative who is MtF. My very Waspy conservative family did well with it - not disapproving at all, just kind of … mystified by it. She is clearly much happier now and I think that counted for a great deal.

Although you can’t swing a cat without hitting a lesbian in this town, I don’t know any transgenders. For that matter, I don’t currently have any gay male friends. There are not many gay men in town. Lots of lesbians, though.

Thirty+ years ago, when I was in college, I knew a MtF transgendered person who I think wanted surgery but could in no way afford it. I was totally clueless about her male anatomy – even after being in a theatrical production with her and sharing a dressing room. When other people said, “She’s really a guy – look at that Adam’s apple and her hands!” I just didn’t see it.

We used to have some overnight cast parties at the theater owner’s rustic farm, and I asked her one time why she didn’t come to one. (At this point, I knew she was transgendered and she knew I knew. I don’t remember how I learned it, though.) She admitted she wouldn’t go to because of having to deal with her facial shaving.

The whole thing made me very sad. She was very talented and a really nice person. I wonder what happened to her.


A couple who are long term family friends. They got me a house sitting gig for a friend of theirs and told me of a room for rent with another friend of theirs.

I’ve only known them all post-transition, although one was recent and I was there while she was coming out to her kids. Hard situation, they all handled it well. Both kids accepted that Dad was now… happier. I don’t know what they ended up calling her, they’d both left home before she transitioned.

Like Kaio’s friend, she showed off her original voice one time. That was … interesting. Last I saw, she’d been outed when she went back to stage work and she ran with that and ended up with a couple of gigs on TV written specially for her. Nice.

Oddly, I’ve only met two that I was actually aware of–and they were both from the Dope!

A former coworker, Kay. When she first started there she was still a guy, but I can’t recall the birth name. Kevin, maybe.

Off the top of my heard I can think of four transgender people I’ve met in real life (all FtM), although the only one I knew very well was pre-transition and not out as being transgender at the time we were in college together. I later heard from mutual friends that “Jane” was now “Joe”, and know from our alumni magazine that he went on to be a lawyer who works with Lambda Legal. The other three were students at different colleges where I’ve worked. Another former classmate of mine is married to a transman, although we’ve only “met” on Facebook.

In the town where I used to live I was nodding acquaintances with a woman who I think was probably MtF, but I really don’t know for sure – I didn’t know her anywhere near well enough for it to have been appropriate for me to ask her about her personal history.

I assume I’ve encountered other transgender people and not known it. One of the FtM students mentioned above is someone I met at a panel discussion on LGBT issues, and even knowing that he must fall under one of those letters I really never would have guessed which one if he hadn’t identified himself as being transgender. In fact, even after he said he was transgender I thought (although did not say aloud, I do have some manners) “Wow, maybe you should wear lipstick or something, because I totally thought you were a man” before realizing that he meant he’d been born female.