Do you know anyone in your life who would kill or die on your behalf?

I suppose this could be considered the flip side of my thread from last week, which I would link to if I weren’t so lazy. But I am, so I won’t. Anyway, I’m not going to write a long hypothetical scenario, not because I have lost any love for the LHSes but because I don’t feel like it.

Poll in a moment. The results will be private this time on account of me feeling like it. Please note that I’m only interested in persons you know personally and in meatspace. In other words, the fact that there are police officers who would come to your rescue if you were being held hostage doesn’t count unless you are personally acquainted with one. Online-only acquaintances don’t count either, and if you have to ask why, you should turn off the computer and go outside for a while.

I’ll answer the poll once it’s posted, but I don’t mind my answer(s) being public: yes and yes. Multiples in both cases.

How could you know whether you minded before you saw the options? :wink:

Because in the OP you said the results would be private, which I took to mean that the poll would not list who had responded in what way, only show a tally for each response.

I’ve never known anyone who would do that for me, ever.

Gotcha, though that isn’t what I was referring to. I meant that the thread title mentions only the die/kill possibilities, whereas the actual poll differentiated between simple homicide and murder (though I’m sure someone will complain about me not including the word justifiable in option 1).

I’m pretty sure my Mom would die to protect me. When I was a kid, we got into a car accident once, and she turned the wheel so that the point of impact would be on her instead of me.

I know for a fact that I would die to protect my husband.

Now make with the rootbeer float.

You limited the poll to people, but I have no doubt that my dog would fight to the death to protect me.

I understand why you mentioned your willingness to die for your husband, and I don’t object to the remark as such, but I’d like to remind everyone that the question is about your appraisal of the persons in your life, not of your own characters.

As for the root beer float: anybody who writes the beverage as one word doesn’t get one. Sorry.

:: shrugs ::

I know people who’d kill for me. I don’t know anyone who’d die for me.

Sorry, I meant to put that statement in context by adding that I don’t know if he would do the same for me. I think if it came down to my life or someone else’s, as in I was being physically attacked, he probably would.

I think I know a few who would kill someone else to save me, and probably anybody, from deadly harm. I think I know one or two who might kill someone for far less reason having nothing at all to do with me.

Oh, I understood your context. I just wanted to clarify for others.

:: teleports olives a root beer float anyway ::

Hell, even I wouldn’t sacrifice anything to save myself. And no, neither would anybody else.

God, I hope not.

I am the person most of the people I know would go to looking for someone to kill for them.


It’s a strange but nice feeling.

My mother, my husband, possibly my brother, and at least one of the dogs. My friend Kenny, too, but he has a death wish.

I don’t have an SO, but both my parents are still alive and I’m sure they would sacrifice themselves or kill someone for me if they had to. I’m not positive my brother would die to save me, but attack or murder someone? Probably.