"Do you know my name?"(Reese Witherspoon arrest video)


I thought someone would post about this when the story broke last week. They released the arrest video and it’s a doozy. Ms. Witherspoon obviously didn’t grow up in the hood. I also like how her husband throws her under the bus at the end. I imagine that’ll be brought up periodically throught their marriage.

Link: TMZ’s YouTube channel, ads.

I can see it now:

Reese: “I saw that bimbo hanging all over you at Weinstein’s house last night. Let me guess - you ‘had nothing to do with that’, either?”

Yeah, the husband trying to minimize the hit on his own ass by sacrificing his wife truly enhances the video and is pure comedy gold.

As an aside- I thought she was a natural blonde? Is she not? Or is she making a film requiring dark locks?

Dlisted has been posting those videos as they’ve been coming out and they certainly don’t make her look good. She claims she was really drunk and that’s why she was an ass, but she sure didn’t seem drunk to me. We’re approximately the same height and I get drunk easily so I’m sure she does too and she sounded sober and an asshole instead of drunk and one. Maybe the drunk story was just to have an excuse? On the most recently released video the officer even said to her something like: If you just would have stayed in the car we’d be fine. You could have even driven to avoid this altogether! So obviously she seemed sober to him too.

On the first post about it on Dlisted they showed her mugshot and the release of it cut her last name off in an unfortunate way as Poon, Laura Jeanne instead of Witherspoon, Laura Jeanne so he’s been calling her Laura Jeanne Poon ever since. Makes me laugh every time, but I’m easy like that.

My hair is blonde naturally although closer to the color of honey than as light as Reese’s normally is and I’ve been keeping it dark for almost two years. Just something different. The salon uses a demi color that washes out after about 40 washes so I don’t have to cut it off when I’m ready to go back to natural. Easier on your hair.

I’m of the opinion that alcohol doesn’t make you an entitled rude arrogant bitch, it just makes you a louder and openly entitled rude arrogant bitch. Hard to have any respect for her after that. “This is going to be on national news”- yep, you’re right about that, Princess. A disappointment as she seems so charming in some interviews.

The one thing that can be said to her credit is that as horrible as her behavior during the incident was she at least has made an unqualified apology and not tried to throw it back on the cop. Of course with the video there’s not much way she could, but that wouldn’t stop some from trying.

So what’s the over/under on her checking into rehab?

Eeeeeee! Tiny Reese! Should’ve sucker punched the cop. So by the book, he wouldn’t see it coming. Cop probably just wanted to see the shiny sports car he’ll never have.

Hey, she apologized, paid the fine. Big effin’ deal.

Meh, IMO. Not scandalous, not outrageous. At worst I thought she sounded a tad ignorant. She wasn’t demanding anything, she didn’t even refuse or resist the officer; all she did was express incredulity at what was happening (while “reminding” the officer that she was an American citizen :rolleyes:). FFS she wasn’t even cursing.

Did she say she was drunk? I admit I didn’t watch the video, just heard about it but I thought she said she was “panicked”. That said, meh. She didn’t punch a baby or lead a Klan rally or something. She acted like an idiot at a traffic stop and got dinged for it and paid up. In so much as I have an opinion of her, this hasn’t changed it.

I’m suprised morning radio shows and TMZ aren’t using video/audio clips from her old movie Freeway for the fun of it. Where she plays a white trash gal that mouths off to the cops quite a bit.

I’m about her size as well and I can be drunk as a sailor and not seem that way at all. Years of partying too hard, I suppose. :wink: But yes, I was a little surprised by her attitude. Although I’m glad she apologized and took responsibility, I simply can’t believe this will make much of a long term dent on her personality.

“We need something thin and pointed to pick the handcuff lock! Reese, pass me your chin!”

I do believe that’s a Comanche Indian name.

I agree. I’m no Reese Witherspoon lover (not a big fan of her acting, normally) but she didn’t even bring up who she was until quite awhile into the encounter, after trying several other things mostly related to her being an American. And even when she asked if he knew who she was, she never said her name. At that point she was just throwing everything at the wall to try and get her and her husband out of trouble, including claiming she was pregnant.

OOohh, the exotic Ford Fusion!

I agree. I was forced to watch it a few times at the airport CNN monitor yesterday. Didn’t seem like a big deal at all. Not model behavior, but far from a scandal.

She was fine and the cop was being a little too uptight. He probably doesn’t deal with famous or important people.

Off-topic, but regarding Commanche WTF proper nouns, That’s Reverend Wolf’s Vulva and Chief Erection that Won’t Go Down to you.

Here’s an old story about Kevin Smith’s feud with Reese Witherspoon.

Sure, it sounds like the way a couple of five-year-olds behave. But this was back in 2000 and Smith is saying Witherspoon was already acting entitled back then, back before Legally Blonde and Walk the Line.

I really like Kevin Smith, but he comes across as a petulant ass in that story. Jeez, what a whiny baby. Greasy Reese? Really? What is he, five? And he’s going to egg her house? :rolleyes: Grow up, dude.

I have no opinion on Reese Witherspoon as a person. I like her acting generally, which is to say I’ve never sought out a movie because she was in it, but every movie I’ve seen her in has been fine. The video is neither shocking nor scandalous to me. It makes me glad no one cares what I do enough to release footage of my worst moments.

Considering the glee with which it’s release has been met, I must say I’m disappointed. I was hoping for some Zsa Zsa Gobor shit.