"Do you know my name?"(Reese Witherspoon arrest video)

I agree. Like I wrote, Smith comes across as a five-year-old here.

On the other hand, there is context. I’ve read a lot of Smith’s stuff and he’s not a vindictive person by nature. He’s usually very easy-going and speaks well of all the people he meets. I can only think of three people he’s gone out of his way to speak ill of. So I figure if Reese Witherspoon managed to piss off Kevin Smith, then she probably is an unusually annoying person.

(I’ll also say that Smith seems to have gotten crankier in the last few years. But I’ve also found him growing less entertaining during this same period and I correspondingly am less likely to read his stuff. So Smith may now be trashing more people then he used to and I haven’t read about it. But this isn’t really relevant to what he was saying back in 2000.)

Before 2000 she’d already starred in quite a few big roles including Cruel Intentions, Election, and Pleasantville. She started acting when she was really young (I think she was 13 or 14 when she made The Man in the Moon) so I think she pretty much grew up with the entitlement.

She sounded pissed off, but frankly that was way milder than the original article that I read made it seem like. She was a bit of a jerk, but most of this was just incredulity about being arrested for basically doing nothing. Frankly, it was pretty minor and not worth the big hubbub.

Well, she’s no Christian Bale but I foud it amusing that she thought that shit would work.

You don’t even know how much I love that Christian Bale rant. Just you bringing it up made me a little giddy.

I’m sure he has his reason for disliking her. He seems like a nice guy; they’re probably justified. Even if they aren’t, it’s ok to not like people. And yeah, he sounds like a five year old, but I don’t hate the man for it.

I still think the video isn’t much of anything though.


  1. Reese Witherspoon

  2. Bruce Willis - he hated working with him on that Tracy Morgan movie.

  3. ??? The executive that wanted the spider in Superman?

If not, who are the three?

That was Jon Peters. And Smith always seemed more amused than angry over that. He seems to have taken it that if Peters was willing to pay him to write a good script and then decide to make a bad movie instead, it was no skin off his nose.

The third person I was talking about was Linda Fiorentino.

But… but… she’s a LAWYER! From HARVARD! She and her little dog too will butcher this cop in court!

so a cop can arrest someone for not staying in their car? i don’t see what the big deal is. all she did was stand beside her husband and asked questions.

“I had nothing to do with that.” :smack:

Saying “Do you know who I am?” must work often. These stars talk to each other at their ritzy parties, right? They share stories. That shit must work often enough that they tell each other stories that end with, "and the officer said, ‘I had no idea it was you Mr. Gibson! Forgive me. You are free to go’… and convince each other to try it themselves.

Yes, when the officer orders a person to remain in the car while he’s dealing with someone else. Traffic stops can get ugly fast if the officer doesn’t remain in control of the situation.