Do you know the circumference of your head?

I had a small medical scare yesterday and during check-in one of the questions that was asked was: What is the circumference of your head?

Huh? How many people know that?

IIRC, it’s (hat size) * pi.


I don’t know my hat size.

Oh, that’s easy. Measure the circumfer… never mind.

I have a rough handle on the length, but the circumference? Oh wait… nevermind.

I do (61 cm) but only because German hat size = circumference in cm and I needed to shop for a trip to Siberia once.

Curious that they’d ask it in a medical context, though - if it’s significant why not just measure it?

My first thought was they need to know it’s baseline so that if they measure it, they’ll know if it’s different.

I could use a little head.

This is to weed out the illegal aliens.
Look at the typical alien. You will notice the size of his head. They often wear a disguise, but the circumference of the head will always detect an alien.

I don’t know my head circumference. The question is really weird. You’d think they’d measure it if they needed to operate on your head and it was important.

“Here I am, brain the size of a planet…”

Yes. It’s 1/4" smaller than that of my friend who always accuses me of having a huge head.

I’ve often joked that the reason they ask you to touch your nose or recite the alphabet backwards during a field sobriety test is because only a drunk person would try it. A sober person would just look at the cop and say, “what are you, nuts?”

Maybe your doctor was asking you an absurd question to see if you’d respond. You said you had a medical scare (I assume it was in the head region); perhaps (s)he suspected head trauma, like a concussion. So (s)he asked a weird question to see if you’d try and answer.

Either that, or your doctor has a head fetish. And if that’s the case, I’d suggest finding a new doctor.

This would be my thought as well. My head is huge, as it should be. The whole family has massive skulls.

24". Which makes me officially a headless quadruped, because it’s not a head, it’s two feet…aaaa, never mind… :rolleyes:

23"-I remember seeing pictures of myself as a kid-man my brain must’ve been (and still is) huge…

I don’t know the exact circumference of my head, but I know it’s big, always has been. When I was a baby my head size was in, like, the 98th percentile. And when I buy hats, I always have to get the largest size.

24 1/2 inches.

I’ve told you.

Naw, my heart went into a-fib. The nurse taking the info rolled her eyes when she asked the question and said: Hey, they have it here, I have to ask it!

She knew how ridiculous the question was.