Do you know who colors the daily comics?

This is a rhetorical question, because I ran across the answer and want to share it.

The answer that came back:

Re: colored dailies. I can’t recall any daily strips colored by
the artist. Jantze sends black and white dailies to his syndicate. But
some editors prefer colored dailies. In “The Norm”'s case, the coloring,
done for those papers that request it, is done by a company named
Reed-Brennan. (A barely known fact is that RB is owned by King Features,
so in essence, the coloring is done by the syndicate.)
The colorists are known to be very careless, often messing up, and
coloring things blatantly wrong. For example, there was a Blondie a week
or two ago where a dress had a different color than mentioned in the
dialogue. Or more common, the border collie in “Safe Havens” has an
unhealthy yellow fur. And sometimes, the jokes only make sense in
black-and-white. To reduce the likelihood of errors, Jantze has given
strict instructions to his colorist, limiting her palette to blues, and
instructing darker shades for the foreground than the background.

Harrumph! I didn’t think it was the comic artists themselves.

“No sir, I don’t like it.”

Yeah, Scott Adams of ‘Dilbert’ once complained that he’d written a story about a theiving night security guard and when it went through coloring (a Sunday strip) the colorist made the character black which made Adams all oogy to see.

I was actually just reading this interview with Darby Conley, “Get Fuzzy”'s Cartoonist. He says he colors his own comics, but I’m not sure if he’s only talking about the Sundays or the dailys too.

I imagine that in that case, where everything is colored, it’s done by the artist themselves. The only thing they’d have to watch out for is making sure that the colors will translate well to grayscale when it’s printed.

Huh? I thought he photoshops his? :eek: