Do you know your SO's PIN number?

At what level in a relationship is it okay to divulge private information like PIN numbers for money machines or other passwords?

I’ve known my wife’s PIN since the first time I drove her to the bank so she could make a withdrawal from the money mover. I was driving so I did the transaction. It’s a number that is a cinch for me to remember for some reason. This happened about six months after we started dating and neither of us thought anything of it. I didn’t really have access to her account anyway, since I didn’t have her card.

No, I don’t. I don’t think my wife would have a problem with me knowing it though, I know I wouldn’t if my wife knew mine. If you can’t trust a person enough to know your PIN number, what in the hell are you doing fucking them on a regular basis for then? Let alone marry them? :slight_smile:

Yep. I know hers and she knows mine. It’s just because whoever is driving does the transactions. Mine’s easy to remember since it spells a word, and hers is with a single line of the buttons so I can remember it.

She’d still have to steal my card to actually use it without me there, so there’s no problem.

I know my wife’s, and she has known mine, though I doubt she remembers it (I have a good memory for such things, and she doesn’t). I turned over almost all the management of my finances to her a few years before we married (though after we’d been dating for several years), so I have no secrets from her anyway, and she’ll go to extreme lengths to avoid spending money, so I never had to worry about her cleaning me out (because she’s so cheap, she always had a lot more of it than I did anyway).

I knew my boyfriend’s main password for his work computer very early on, because he told me when I sat down to play Snood. He recently changed it though, because it was also his screensaver password and he kept accidentally typing it into new AIM windows. It was one thing if I knew it, but if three or four people he IM’d during the day at work knew it, it had to go.

Neither of us knows the other’s PIN but it’s mainly because we use different banks and generally walk to ATMs-- no driver’s window need to know the number.

My hubby’s known my PIN for years. He usually gets out of the nice warm car to schlep to the ATM or he’s usually the one driving.

I just learned my hubby’s PIN last year and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was my birth date. :slight_smile:

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The N in PIN is for number. Why, oh why, do people insist on saying PIN Number, let alone typing it? It’s redundant, people!!! Are these the same people who say ATM Machine? :rolleyes:
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We have a joint account but Mr. Sunshine does NOT know the PIN nor does he have access to the card. He is so bad with money that I have total control over all the money and have to give him a weekly allowance. And he can barely control himself with the allowance. He’s the type of guy who, if there is any money in his possession at all, it is spent immediately.

Yes, it’s a huge pain in the ass having to do this because either I have to make weekly trips to the ATM or keep a large stash of cash hidden in the house so I can give him his allowance when he needs it. But, it would be an even bigger pain in the ass trying to sort out the bank balance after Mr. Sunshine wreaks havoc upon it.

Before we were married, we had our own accounts and did not know eachother’s PIN’s.

Not only does he know mine (and my computer password), he has started using both whenever he needs a new PIN or password. Figures they’re easy to remember, and nobody would ever associate either with him (true enough). I also know his old ones that he didn’t change. Not that it matters - the money comes from the same place whether he uses his own card or mine.

I don’t know Mr. Fries’ PIN, and neither does he know mine, just 'cause our cards withdraw from the same account and we don’t have any reason to know.

He does know my password for my computer account at work, I know most of his passwords, and both our emails at home get dumped into the same inbox. We respect each other’s privacy. We don’t read each other’s email unless asked to do so. He doesn’t read my journal. He GMs for our gaming group and his super-top-secret eyes-only notes are scattered all over the house, and I don’t read 'em.

It’s hard to say at what point in the relationship this level of trust is warranted. Many people have been screwed over by SOs who turned out to be irresponsible or malicious.

If I didn’t know the PIN for our joint account, SO would never be able to use the ATM–he forgets it every time. I also know his e-mail password and he often asks me to check his e-mail for him.

Well, from the time we moved in together, former(former)Roommate and I had joint checking and savings accounts, though I handled most of the finances in the household.
We knew each other’s PINs, answering machine codes, had access to safety deposit boxes, medical histories and power of attorney for each other, all in case of any emergency. As far as mail, the only mail of his I read was the bills, after he opened them first.

In all, we just make sure to communicate “Hey, I need to take $XX from the account at <name of bank>.” “Okay, mark it down and make sure there’s enough for the bills.”

Thanks - this reminds me I have to update my will again.

My ex (aka Shithead) & I shared bank accounts & computer; of course we knew each other’s PIN & passwords. Neither of us ever snooped, or read the other’s e-mail, because there was no need to. Hell, I was sharing a bed with the guy, why have secrets?

My current SO & I don’t live together, so we don’t share banking info. However, we have used each other’s computers, so we do have passwords.

If I’m going to be intimately involved with someone, I see no reason to be secretive about computer usage!

My boyfriend told me his PIN about 2 or 3 months into our relationship because I like pressing the numbers on the ATM. :smiley: I know all of his passwords - computer, internet banking, e-mail, mobile, etc, but haven’t used any of them yet. I don’t think either of us thought it was a big deal; they’re just good to have in case of an emergency.

All in all, it probably depends on the person - my boyfriend is the type who would tell his PIN to someone he’d just met, while my cousin doesn’t even let her family see her ICQ password.

Yes, it’s 2198.

Yes, definitely. I think I’d feel pretty offended if I didn’t know. What, I’m good enough to give birth to his children, but he can’t trust me with his PIN? He knows mine as well. He has to, really. We use his bank account for bills and necessities, and mine for spending money.

I know my boyfriend’s email and voicemail passwords.

Yes…and i’ve heard the mods know ALL of our PIN numbers…(and by the way, isn’t the phrase PIN NUMBER kinda redundant?)

My wife and I don’t know each other’s PINs; for most of our marriage, we haven’t even had the same bank, due to reasons of personal preference. It’s not a trust issue; it’s just that we never have occasion to need the other’s PIN.

OTOH, we know each other’s email passwords, since whoever’s on the computer tends to download email for both of us while online.

Damn… I was going to use that joke :frowning:

It, er, was a joke, wasn’t it!??