Does your wife/husband/significant other check your Facebook/E-mail/Personal Stuff, etc.

Like these boards for example.

If they do, does it bother you that your privacy is limited, or is it a “What’s mine is yours and I have nothing to hide.” situation?

And if not, would you mind if they did?

Curious to know.

He hasn’t expressed any interest in these things, but I wouldn’t mind if he did.

If my wife was curious what I had going on in emails or texts I wouldn’t mind her having a look once or twice. It is inevitable that she will notice an email on our main computer or a text every now and then. I don’t try to hide anything. If she made a habit of doing it regularly or if she was digging through my stuff behind my back then we would have a serious, possibly dealbreaking, lack of trust problem.

It drives her nuts that she doesn’t know my password. Every time I leave it up I get questions about who is that person and where do I know them from. It aggravates me. I have nothing to hide but I refuse to answer any kind of probing questions.

We have all each other’s passwords for email, Facebook, and bank accounts. I’ll go into his stuff to, you know, look up a phone number I know is in his contacts or see if his aunt emailed him about Sunday’s dinner because I haven’t heard from her.

No message board passwords. I don’t even think he could name any of the boards I visit without looking at the history.

Depends on what you mean.

Knows my passwords and goes poking through my stuff online to ‘check’ on me? Fuck no, and I hope he would never do so.

Asks me or badgers or nags about where I am online or what I’m doing or with who? Fuck that noise.

Reads emails or texts over my shoulder sometimes? Sure. No biggie.

Borrows my tablet to poke through social networking stuff when he’s bored or looking up interesting things? Yeah, on occasion.

He’s not my warden or my parole officer. He’s my husband. Very different roles.

I just ask as I am curious to what everyone’s level of “comfort” is.

I’m pretty paranoid I guess. I’ve long since learned to pretty much not talk to anyone online, or in real life, as it is easier that way. No issues, no questions. I don’t feel 100% comfortable with this account but it’s nice to have some people to talk to every once in a while.

I found out that bitch was looking at my email when I installed spyware on her machine. You can’t trust anyone these.

I keed, I keed!

It’s totally not an issue. He doesn’t know how to turn on the computer. Or read text messages on a cell phone. Or take pictures with a cell phone. Or check voicemail on a cell phone. Or do anything but hand me the cell phone and tell me what he wants.

As far as I know, we both know as much as we care to about each others online stuff. I have no interest in reading his - hell, I have little interest in reading my own some days. I know he posts to a lot more boards than I do and probably has more e-mail accounts. We both have an envelope in the home files - in case of death/incapacitation that has info on who to inform and what passwords are needed.

I would care if he looked at my stuff all day - there is nothing he does not already know. I don’t look at his unless he leaves something up, and then just long enough to log out.

When my SO has done something wrong he gets VERY defensive and acts guilty. :smiley: I’ve absolutely no reason or desire to go through his stuff. He stays the Hell OFF my laptop because he moves and “fixes” things that aren’t broken, and I can’t find or need what I want. I can always tell when he’s been on it! If he would just look, I’d have no problem, nothing to hide.

We have each other’s passwords for banks, Paypal, credit cards, etc.

I know his pw for email & FB he knows mine, neither of us abuse the privilege. Occasionally I’ll forget I’m logged in as him & it’s “um, hon, you “liked” such & such” (it’s always something he would have liked on his own ) I wouldn’t mind at all if he was on the Dope & I show him stuff on here all the time…

I don’t think my husband looks at any of my accounts, but he can look at anything he wants - I’m not doing anything I need to hide from him.

Heh, I do that too. I never order the right way or haggle the best deal so, “Here. I want canadian bacon & mushroom–get whatever you want.”

My wife has unrestricted access to my mail, email, facebook, whatever. Poor gal has seenme naked, the least I can do is not hide information from her. If she gives a damn what I say and to whom she’s more than welcome to peek. I have the same green light from her. It’s just how we roll.

Cripes, I thought I was the only one in the world with an SO like this. Og forbid something important should happen on his phone (other than a regular phone call) when I’m not around to help him with it. As for my computer, he would not have a clue. He is 66, but that’s no excuse. It’s not that he couldn’t learn, it’s just that he’s not interested enough to pay attention.

That’s why I have arranged for someone to help him, in the event I am hit by a bus or otherwise suddenly croaked, to go through all the stuff on my computer that would need to be dealt with.

I leave my FB or SDMB or e-mail open at home and it doesn’t bother me a bit. It actually bothers her more, I think; she doesn’t even want to give the impression that she could be checking up on me.

She can grab my phone and check a text message or something if I’m in another room or otherwise occupied.

I know her passwords for e-mail accounts and a few other things, but I can’t imagine why I’d need to check them. I really only know them to log on to accounts that we both use.

I had a boyfriend once who was very squirrelly indeed. --But I never tried to spy on his phone or MMORPG accounts. If I had ever actually wanted to, there are other ways to find out that kinda stuff without needing the personal device in question.

My husband and I in theory know each others’ passwords, though in practice we only hear them when the other needs us to check something for us. We mostly don’t remember the passwords in between those times. I don’t check his stuff just for giggles, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t check mine.

My wife and I have never checked each other’s email. She occasionally lurks here to see what I’ve posted lately, but I don’t have a problem with that: if the rest of the world can see what I’m posting here, there’s not a reason in the world why she shouldn’t. If I actually participated in Facebook more than one per eon, I’d see her posts there, and she’d see mine.

My wife can go on my facebook page anytime she wants; once you start typing either of our logon names, it autocompletes as does the password. I could go on hers as well but I don’t, and as far as I know she never goes on mine.

We share accounts for just about everything else, and keep a master spreadsheet of all of our logon and passwords because neither of us can remember all of them.

I have never felt the need to hide anything from her. In fact, she knows I sometimes get out of bed when I can’t sleep to go downstairs and surf porn, and isn’t bothered by it.