Do you like fishsticks?-south park

Loved it again. Especially enjoyed the Kayne West not getting it.
Also loved Jimmy’s mother saying to Eric-heres some chips cause youre not fat at all.

The best part of that episode was making fun of two of the more annoying celebrities: Kanye West and Carlos Mencia.

I thought the Carlos Mencia bit was pretty funny, especially since he has a show on Comedy Central. You normally don’t see a show eviscerate another show on its own network like that.

The fishsticks joke is something I would have thought was hilarious when I was like in 4th grade.

That thought crossed my mind too. Trey and Matt have balls (and clout).

[whimpering] “Do you know what it’s like being a comedian and not funny??”

I also liked the parody song at the end, although taken as a whole the episode was only so-so by South Park standards.

I thought the episode was pretty funny. Yeah, the joke was stupid, but Kanye’s lack of getting it and Cartman’s slowly taking it completely over was hilarious.

I’m starting to love Craig and the advice he gives. “Just give him half and be lucky that’s all he is after. You can’t win with Cartman.”

I loved how they just crucified Mencia. It’s about time that joke-stealing bastard got what’s coming to him on such a mainstream show. I’m still surprised Comedy Central didn’t have a problem with it apparently, even though it sounds like Mind of Mencia got canceled.

The way I understand it (basically pulling this out of my ass), besides that whole, “Muhammad” thing a few seasons ago, South Park can pretty much do whatever they want. Comedy Central is known for South Park, so if the network has to chose between shows, they’d go with their cash cow.


Flame on!

dies laughing

Loved the episode. Best one since the Vamps episode. Kyle’s “bruised ego” analysis on Eric hit me really close to home, because I think I suffer from the exact same problem that he does, and that “mental gymnastics” thing would explain every single argument I’ve ever had with my girlfriend.

The Kanye West subplot took away from the episode, although I loved the Carlos Mencia slams. I was surprised they didn’t take the opportunity to make a Jewfish joke…

This is the first episode of the season that I didn’t like.

I did manage to get a couple of chuckles out when Cartman totaly mind-fucked the cripple kid towards the end. Especialy after that other kid warned him to just let it go and take half the money.

[flame on]
I’ve been accused of similar behavior. The episode got me thinking, and that is the best kind of SP episode.
[/flame off]

Craig has been around for years, but he has really developed as a character this season. Between Peru and this, he seems to be aware that the main cast is the focus of all of their lives somehow.

South Park has become very clever, but not very funny. I mean it was incredibly clever to have Kanye West’s ego kill Carlos Mencia for ripping off other people’s jokes, but it just wasn’t all that funny.

That was the funniest line in the whole episode.

I thought it was the funniest episode of the season so far. I also think the fishsticks joke is hilarious.

It’s possible that these two things are related.

I thought it was the best episode at least since the election one, and maybe since Imaginationland. The best of the current run by a mile, in my opinion.

I doubt anyone else found my favorite line of the episode all that funny but I cracked up at:

Kanye West standing behind a podium, explaining to a roomful of men that he’s not a gay fish. When he gets done:

Man: But, do you like fishsticks?

Kanye: Love 'em

My favorite line was when Ellen mentioned that Carlos Mencia’s decapitated body had been found with fishsticks stuffed down its neckhole. I probably spent a whole minute laughing at the mental visual of that. Plus Kanye saw it and was humbled. How good is that?

As self-fulfilling prophecy would have it, Kanye has also he announced he now plans to embrace his true self and live among a school of male fish for the rest of his life.

Did Kanye West do something specifically to trigger this episode, or were they just making fun of somebody who just generally thinks his shit doesn’t stink?

Without that knowledge, this episode didn’t really do it for me, although I liked the ripping on Carlos Mencia. That guy steals jokes, and he STILL isn’t funny. That takes talent, but not the kind that should be rewarded.

Well the way he was portrayed in the episode was basically spot on and not exaggerated.