Do you like Halloween?

I don’t like dressing up for Halloween. I’m an adult, not a kid. I don’t want to dress up for work. I’m glad that other people enjoy it. I don’t piss on their fun, I don’t demand that no one celebrate the holiday, I just don’t want to do it.

Interestingly enough, I enjoy the other aspects of it. I love watching old horror movies during October.

Am I reasonable enough?

Of course I like Halloween!

Quick! Someone invite me to a party!

Seems perfectly reasonable to me. We don’t have it here, so it’s not an issue.

I liked it as a kid (free candy!). As an adult, I like the idea of going to a Halloween party more than the practice – I’m not a big party guy. Although I’m proud that I once won a prize for “worst costume” at a pub.

Who would ostracize someone because they didn’t dress up for Halloween at work?

That just sounds abnormal.

I like Halloween. But I hate Thanksgiving.

I love Halloween, but I don’t usually dress up myself. (Last time I did, I had lost my voice, so I made a tin-foil dunce cap and was a Cone of Silence.)

I love taking the kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, and having all the neighbor kids show up at my door. Also candy and bad monster movies from the 50’s.

I used to like it, but like all holidays for the past decade, it’s just more work. I miss trick or treating.

It was my favorite holiday when little. I still love it now, just because its so good to wear a costume when others are.
I always put some Ozzy on the radio.
I was in many fundie churches and they were so against it. But no way will I ever buy that crap.

LOVE it! It’s my favorite holiday, even though I haven’t actually dressed up for several years. What’s not to like? You get candy (which is cheap, everyone can afford it) and there’s none of that guilt like on other holidays like Christmas ( “what to get great Uncle Joe?”)

Whose house do we have Thanksgiving at? If it’s My parents, yours are going to be upset and vice versa. It’s the one Holiday with almost no (lasting or current) political or religious ties. It’s just plain ole fun for fun’s sake.

I do this every Halloween, but I usually refuse to dress up. The time we went as lady pirates was fun, but dressing up is usually more trouble than it’s worth.

Not ostracized, just a lot of snarky, “Nice costume…”

I LOVE Halloween, far beyond any other holiday, including Christmas. Probably because of so many good memories of fun in the past. And I think it’s a hoot getting my deli coldcuts from a zombie at the grocery store! Love the falling leaves, the haunted houses, the hayrides at the pumpkin patch, the decorations (some houses around here decorate to a ludicrous extent), handing out the candy while watching some Creature Feature, or the Rocky Horror Picture Show. A place nearby is screening the RHPS this year, with audience participation, I would like to go just for old times sake. I used to make all my daughter’s costumes and it was such fun taking her and the neighbor kids around (while we moms sipped on a little hard cider). What’s not to like? (does anyone beside me miss Elvira? She’s probably 60 by now.)

I like Halloween–why pass up an excuse to dress funny and bum sugary treats off others? The Fourth of July is better, though. You suddenly understand why your ancestors fought for liberty–because now you can get drunk and stoned and play with explosives.

My mom has never liked Halloween, so she never helped me with costumes as a kid, so I am really bad at costumes. Add in the fact that I’ve always been big, so it’s near impossible to get a costume off the shelf.

They have a big doggy Halloween thing where my dog used to go to obedience school and I could never get a good costume for my dog either. SHE is too big for off-the-shelf as well.

So, I hate Halloween because I suck at it. I’m like Charlie Brown with the sheet and seventeen mis-cut holes. sigh

I like helping the kids with their costumes and taking them trick-or-treating. Last year, the Classic Tales podcast did a whole series of Poe and other spooky stories - I really enjoyed that and I’m hoping they do it again. I generally like the fall festival atmosphere and I think Halloween is a great bookend for the “holiday season”. So, yeah, I like it, but I’m not excited by it. I have friends who plan their costumes and house decorations for months. They have fun - that’s great. I do admit that I find adults dressing up for work to be a bit unprofessional, but if I worked somewhere that did that, I wouldn’t try to ruin anyone’s fun.

I love Halloween. Unfortunately my town has bastardized it into a Harvest holiday more than anything. Scary costumes and decorations are few and far between. No pranks, no door to door trick or treating. They do store to store trick or treating here, for an hour, and during daylight. I take my nieces and youngest sister to the town I grew up in, where they do Halloween right.

It is literally the only ‘holiday’ we acknowledge at all in my house. We really like halloween.

Hell yeah I like Halloween. Dress up, eat candy, stay out late. Halloween is the shit.

I like stuff I can share with someone. If I had a girlfriend I would enjoy carving pumpkins, dressing up and being silly with her.