Do You Like Sauerkraut?

In my experience it’s a love it or hate it situation. My mom was 100% German, sooooooo…


If you DO like it, what is your favorite way to eat it? Right this very moment, I am eating it made MY favorite way: A bag of refrigerated Krispy Kraut, dumped into a pot. Several smoked sausages, cut up into said pot. Several peeled potatoes, cubed, ditto. Add water to cover. Boil until potatoes are soft. Eat. Yum.

Easy, quick comfort food to a German girl. :wink:

NY Street food, Hot Dog Category = dirty-water dog, kraut, mustard; any questions?

mmmm, dirty-water dogs…

On dogs and sausages and things like that. I like it as a condimmmmmmment.


On dogs.

Cold from the jar.

As a side (prefer cold but warm is fine).


My family has German and Polish heritage so we always had it on New Year’s Eve as part of our traditional meal. I would dread it all year long. Blech. Plus I’m from Pittsburgh where you are constantly surrounded by saurkraut. It’s everywhere! But I still didn’t love it.

But then my Polish heritage fiance made it one night and I loved it! It was so buttery. I think that’s the key for me. I remember it being so bitter growing up. Of course this could also be explained by the fact that our tastes change as we grow up. Meh. Whatevs. I love it now.

My favorite way is served with Kielbasa. Comfort food for a Pittsburgh girl.

Used to get it all the time when I was a little kid, so yup, I like it. But I’ve never actually eaten it on anything. It was only served as a side at meals, never a topping on hot dogs.

Yep. As a side, as a condiment, anything.

Love it on anything.

After frying porkchops, dump in a bunch during the final few minutes of cooking.


I usually only eat it on sausages, along with diced onions, hot peppers, and mustard. (Yum!)

But, sometimes I just eat it out of the jar as a snack.

Sort of. :slight_smile:

As a side, I have to have ketchup on it. Have to. I don’t care for it on dogs, but must have it on a reuben.

I love red saurkraut.

Other than on reubens, if I never had it again, I’d be happy.

Not at all. Except on a Reuben. But no where else, ever.

I like it. Just about any way, including snacking straight from the jar. In fact, I’ve never met a cabbage no matter how it’s prepared that I didn’t like.

The only sauerkraut I ever really liked was a mild, cold sauerkraut served as an appetizer at a bar/grill in Mansfield, Ohio called Creamer’s (pronounced “craymers”). Nothing I’ve ever had since can compare, and Creamer’s has been closed for years and years.

Love it. Condiment, side, main course…it’s all good. A good sausage, some kraut, some red picklecabbage (for color contrast), mustard and a couple of good German brews and I’m in Paradise.

Forgot about reubens.:smack:

On Reubens, and fried up in bacon fat until browned on the edges.

Are you from Mansfield? My husband is from there, and my son was born there.
To the OP:
I don’t love sauerkraut, but it’s ok maybe once a year. I like it on Reubens, and I eat it very rarely with sausage. It’s just too vinegary.

Love it. I will eat it straight up by the bowl. But my favorite is good sauerkraut that’s been fermented, not just had vinegar dumped on it. Yum.

hot thermally, strongly fermented (fumes have to hit the nose and eyes), lots of black pepper, on a plate, if in a pile keep applying pepper as needed.

I really like sauerkraut, but I am also intrigued by this “saurkraut.” Is it made with real lizard?