Do you like the new Netflix Instant queue?

Well, it’s no longer a queue at all, it’s now just a page of images arranged in random order.

While I agree with Netflix’s assessment that having a queue for instant viewing was essentially pointless, I did like the ability to organize my selections however I wanted. I liked to group similar movies/shows together so I could find what I wanted easier, especially TV shows with many seasons, but now everything is jumbled together in what appears to be a completely random way. For movies it doesn’t matter but I don’t like how clicking on a show will just start it playing; I liked being able to select a season and episode before the player started because it would display the episode titles and descriptions. Or perhaps you can still do this but I haven’t figured out how? I don’t see any options for changing this anywhere.

What do you think of the new Netflix Instant queue?

It’s still in a normal, numbered, list on my account. But, like you said, it probably doesn’t matter. If I want to watch a movie, I just put it on my instant queue and then pull it up on my DVD player so it really doesn’t matter.

Having said that, it seems like with each change Netflix makes over the last few years WRT to moving more and more towards instant, it’s been harder and harder to search for anything. I mean, of course I can actually type something into the search box, but if I’m not sure what I want to watch and I just want to browse through the movies available on instant, it seems considerably harder then it was five years ago. I sometimes wonder if they do this to disguise how little of their catalog is actually available as instant.

It’s been like that for some time, I can’t remember just how long, and it doesn’t bother me. I navigate around through the Genres and New Arrivals until I find something appealing. I put that section to pretty good use and have seen over 300 programs (some not all the way through) since July/08.

The thing that’s bugging me these days is having to retype the Membername and Password almost every time I change screens.

I hate it! And more than anything I hate the claim that they are “new” when many of them have been in my queue for over a year. And they all suck.
I wouldn’t keep it but we have no television so my daughter pays for it.

I noticed last night when I was trying to find a kid’s movie for my little one, if you click on it the movie will start. I didn’t realize it and clicked about a dozen selections to open in new tabs. Only the first one started of course, but I felt like a stooge when I went to the tabs to read more. That’s pretty annoying.

Zeldar are you not allowing cookies for that site? I haven’t had any problems with losing my name/pw.

Oh wait, it’s not the queue I’m hating, it’s the “new arrival” section for instant view.

I do allow cookies. Always have. It’s a recent annoyance, more like a month or two.

Holy cow, what happened? Did they turn the design over to an intern?
Why get rid of the ‘sortable list’ option? You can scroll but only by mouse-hovering over the edge? And only scroll at one pace?

Terrible re-design, both in loss of functionality and forcing some half-wit designer’s code on people.

I can’t find a generic or webmaster email address to send feedback to, else I would complain directly.

I’m not seeing this. My “Instant” queue is the same as it always was, no different from the regular queue except that it has a “recently watched” section at the top instead of “at home.” Are you talking about the “Watch Instantly” page?

I don’t like the new horizontal scrolling feature at all, but my instant queue is a numbered list like it’s always been.

DCnDC, if it’s the changed “new arrivals/watch instantly” section, you can ask a mod to change the title/edit the post to avoid confusion.

Hmm. What bugs me about the “Watch Instantly” page is that they’ve gotten rid of the “Add to Instant Queue” button. If you want to add the title to your queue rather than watch it right away, you have to mouse over the selection and click on the pop-up. Same if you want to go to the selection’s page.

Try InstantWatcher. Keeps track of what movies are available, which have been added that day, which will be expiring soon, etc. Can search by genre, year, and a handful of other variables.

No, I’m talking about the Instant Queue itself. Clearly the site is not the same for everyone (just yet I’d imagine).

What I see when I login is: there is the “Watch Instantly” tab, then once you’re on that page directly beneath the tab there’s “Your Instant Queue”. The page I get as my instant queue has “You recently watched:” at the top with pics of things I have recently watched, then the rest of the page below that is a grid of title pics for everything in my instant queue in random order. It is no longer

An example pic of what mine looks like.

Interesting. Mine still looks like the old queue, nothing at all like that. That is what my watch instantly tab looks like though.

I do like the icon/picture browsing view for the suggestions. But once I have marked them for viewing, I like just a list. I know what is in my queue. I don’t need pictures there.

What is really starting to annoy me is NetFlix’s lack of ability to sign long term agreements. I added Zombieland to my queue a couple of months ago. When I went to watch it last week it had been pulled from Instant and put into DVD only. It seems like almost nothing lasts more than 6 months on instant. Looking at my queue, Dexter, Babylon 5, and Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t are all being pulled next week. I’ve got around 60 titles in my “saved instant” queue, all titles that were in instant but were pulled before I got around to watching them.

Bummer - two of those are in my queue, which looks just the same as it always has, btw.

[slight hijack]Just for the record, Netflix Canada is totally failing to live up to expectations. The pattern at our house is now firmly established - I think of a film appropriate for an 8 year old boy, it isn’t available and Netflix Canada suggests movies that are crap and/or rated ‘R’. Attempting to add parental controls meant that all the Doctor Who episodes were un-viewable. So far, I’m much better off going to one of my two excellent video stores in the neighbourhood and asking the nice film-student-stuck-in-a-retail-level-job if they have whatever film I’ve just thought of. In fact, I’ve suggested at both shops that they add an on-line catalog/reserve setup. I know the writing is supposed to be on the wall for brick-and-mortar video stores, but Netflix is underwhelming.[/slight hijack]

It looks like Netflix is rolling out its current redesign selectively to its subscribers. A lot of websites do that for live testing purposes and, presumably, feedback. Please send them feedback, because I don’t like what I’m seeing in your screenshot. I still have the old list-based queue and I would prefer to keep it.

It appears that they’ve integrated the User Queue into the Watch Instantly and Browse DVD tabs based on the lack of Your Queue tab and the URL at the bottom of your linked page view. I’d prefer the old way because I tend to hop back and forth between my DVD and Instant queues. Is this easy to do with the new layout? Have they eliminated the Your Queue page with two tabs delineating the two types of queue? It doesn’t look like it still exists in the redesign.

I don’t like it.

No, going to your DVD queue involves having to click on the “Browse DVDs” tab, then clicking on the “Your DVD Queue” sub-tab beneath. To switch back, you have to click on the “Watch Instantly” tab, then “Your Instant Queue.” Really a waste of time to have to load an extra page in the middle of what was just a single click before.