Do you like your nose?

Nothing like free range boogers to ruin your day. :slight_smile:

Its not great, but its not something I’d cut off to spite my face…

Your brother-in-law is Bill Gates?! :eek:

Over here, it’s stereotypical for farangs (Westerners) to have great big honkers, and we’re always drawn that way in caricature. And the Thais all seem to want my nose! Many’s the one who have said they wish they had my big nose, and they won’t listen to me when I tell them it would look awfully weird on their face.

I like when the new people are fun.

My nose fits my wedding ring.

Aesthetically, no.
But it works - and I’m thankful for that. Like the rest of my body, it’s a triumph of function over form.

It’s okay, I guess. My nostrils are only tiny, though.

Hijack: I had a job interview yesterday, and the woman who spoke with me had a boogie hanging out. I couldn’t rip my eyes away from it.

My nose looks nice and round and cute from the front, but from the side it takes on a sharper, almost Victorian sort of profile.

I kind of like it though. It’s my Dad’s nose. He’s not a very attractive man, but it’s one of the features that makes me unmistakeably his kid. So even though it’s a little sharp and rougher than my other features, I still think my nose is cute.

My nose is way too large and way too zit-prone. So no, not really.

At some point though I am going to have to get it worked on at least a little bit for my (ever-increasingly) deviated septum . . . so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t think I’d want to make any major changes to the architecture, but a little smaller might save a few lives.

I have a big nose and a small dick.

Life is so unfair. :frowning:

It’s a Polish nose. Kind of large but not overly so.

You don’t notice from a top view or so much head on but, from the bottom, it’s pretty obvious that my nostrils slant to the left. Nothing that bothers me but I do notice it from time to time. I suppose enough people wish that leftward slanting nostrils were the worst of their problems that I don’t dwell on mine.

My nose is pretty good. I never gave it a second thought until I was in my teens and my friend said I had a nose just like Anne of Green Gables, which was a huge compliment. :stuck_out_tongue: Being a nose, it’s nothing amazing, but it’s pretty cute. I hope my daughters get my nose and not my husband’s, which is fine for a guy but fairly blobby on a girl (cite: his mother and sister).

I must say, I always thought large-ish noses on guys were pretty attractive…

I like mine now. It used to be really narrow and I hated it but then I broke it in a car accident. After it healed it was a lot wider and more in proportion to the rest of my face. If I had only known I would have smashed it against a steering wheel a lot sooner.