Do you like your nose?

I have a real honker, Hey, I’m mostly Polish. You can’t fight genetics. As I get older my nose kind of fits my face now since I’ve gotten chubby.

I hated my nose in high school but it works for the new chubby me.

How do you feel about your nose? hate it, love it, or something in between?

Actually, it’s something that I overlook.

I hated it when I was younger, but I grew into it when I was around thirty.

My nose is blobby and English and nothing spectacular. I’m used to it, I guess, though I have occasional fits of envy for those who have high aquiline noses (I think that’s the term–noses with the bump near the top.)

I love my little perfect nose! I could be a nose model. The only bad thing is finding glasses that fit.

Same here. Mine’s fairly straight and narrow near the top, then ending in a round fleshy ball. Smaller dimensions than Gerard Depardieu’s, but similar proportions.

Of course, it’s all in how you wear it.

I’m rather attached to mine.

My nose is interesting. It’s not the smallest nose in the world, and it’s been broken seven times, so it’s … interesting…

Never mind.

I can’t say it’s preposessing, but it’s well-proportioned at least.

On the exterior is looks fine, but I have a deviated septum that I’ve been living with for the past 2 years. It’s getting really bothersome so say the least.

While it’s nothing awful, I do indeed loathe my nose. It’s somewhat big, it’s got a bump, it’s asymmetrical, and it has a small cyst on the left nostril. It’s also very oily, thus creating blackheads constantly.

To make matters even worse, I have a very badly deviated septum. When I was doing the consultation to have my wisdom teeth removed, the oral surgeon looked at my x-rays and said it was one of the worst he had ever seen.

I often seriously consider getting a nose job. I couldn’t right now because of the whole ‘no money’ thing but maybe someday I will. The only thing that would make me change my mind is if there was a big risk of it ruining my singing voice.

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with my nose. It’s pleasantly small, but is one of those ones which has a tip which resembles a tiny pair of buttocks.

However, a nasally over-endowed bloke at university had a nose-job, and one of his friends told me that this bloke had wanted a nose like mine! I never got to see if he’d achieved this; the only time I saw him post-op, he looked like he’d had his face stamped on…

I had never even thought about my nose til a friend told me several years ago that she wished it was hers.

I guess if your nose has never once crossed your mind, you like it.

Because otherwise it would join the litany of other things to nitpick and occasionally obsess over.

I’ve got a pretty cute nose. There are some noses in my family that are less-than-desirable, but I didn’t get one of those.

It’s not cute nor desirable. It’s a Punjabi nose - not a huge honker, but big enough. But that is one of the reasons I got it pierced - I can’t hide it, won’t get surgery, so on the contrary, why not dress it up? But over the years I’ve grown fond of it - it clearly shows my roots perhaps more than any other feature of mine.

Its okay, but too hairy.

I rather like my nose. It’s large, but proportional to my other features, and is one of the few features I seem to have inherited from my dad instead of my mom. Yes, I love my mother, and am glad that I mostly look like her, but Dad has a better nose.

It’s a nose.

Seriously, I’m in the general category of people with nondescript noses that don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them. It’s not huge and I’m glad of that, but otherwise, it’s just the nose that I was born with.

Are those your drums? Will you be here all week? :stuck_out_tongue:
My nose is an okay size but it has a bit of a ski jump at the tip. Not Eddie the Eagle crazy; no one’s getting a view of my nasal passages when I look straight at them or anything.