Do you like your nose?

Funny because I have the same issues. I’ve been asked several times by strangers who did my nose job. So I’ve had a lot of compliments on my nose, but like you I have problems with glasses.

I like my nose. It smells good.

And it’s balls at Eskimo kissing.

I like my nose. Unlike the rest of me (feet, hands, belly, etc) it’s just about the only thing that’s not freakishly large. It’s even better than the rest of my face because it doesn’t get pimply. Hurrah!

I like my nose fine. It is probably a tad big, but fairly straight and seems to go with my face.

And thankfully it hasn’t grown at the same rate as my ass, or belly over the years!

CAT=^…^=: That’s a very nice nose.

It’s the one I picked.

:eek: You kiss Esk… nope, I’m not going there.
I have a smaller version of my dad’s nose. My dad was half Italian and always said he had a Roman nose - roamin’ all over his face. No, I don’t like it. I also hate my chin which I got from my mom. The gifts could have stopped at the green eyes, reddish hair and short stature and that would have been fine.

I also have a deviated septum, also like my dad. My dad eventually had surgery on his and the doctor asked if he wanted his nose fixed at the time and he declined because he was used to it.

I just hope we won’t be posting about other parts soon.

I used to hate my nose, mostly because whenever I laughed or smiled, it looked really crooked, so I never laughed without putting my hand over my mouth and nose. I always used to say that I wished I had a deviated septum so I’d have a medically necessary reason to have it fixed so I wouldn’t feel vain about having it done purely for cosmetic reasons (plus, insurance would pay for it).

Lo and behold, after multiple sinus infections, which neither antibiotics nor steroids helped, my ENT told me my septum was so deviated he didn’t know how I breathed. I said, “Through my mouth. Is there another way?” He insisted I get it taken care of, or I’d be spending the rest of my life with a chronic infection.

Voilà, much cuter nose, and no hand over my mouth! Both of those photos are really old, and not necessarily an accurate depiction of me now. The one on the left was taken during a hair modeling shoot (hence, the overly dramatic do) when I was, IIRC, about 18. The one on the right is about 10 years ago, pre-hypothyroid condition and an extra few pounds. This one’s a little more recent, from about 4 years ago, and shows more of the profile view (that’s my brother-in-law on the right, who hates having his picture taken).

Shayna, how you doin’?

It something to pick, and smell purty flowers with. and A PORTAL TO THE DEPTHS OF DAGON’S LAIR!!!

Hmm, I have frequent sinus problems, I’ve been battling a sinusitis or infection for the past few weeks. I was starting to feel better until the weather changed and set it off again. Maybe I could get that nose job I’ve always wanted?

I don’t like my nose. It’s small and stubby and if you look straight on you can see my nostrils. But my face in general is nothing special so it’s not like the nose is ruining it.

Whenever I read this thread title, it seems vaguely threatening. ‘Do you like your nose? Eh? Shame if something happened to it, right?’

Maybe I’ve got unresolved subconscious nose issues.

My nose is very Polish as well. Pretty much just like this guy’s.

I kind of wish it was thinner, but it’s not bad for a nose.

Well, it fits my finger.

Always hated my nose, medically and physically.

Sinus infections constantly, constantly running always congested. The tip was too large as well.

Had my deviated septum fixed and turbinates reduced in March and had the surgeon do a tip rhinoplasty. No more infections, no more congestion. I also had a sliding genioplasty (jaw/chin advancement) done at the same time. I had pretty severe microgenia (no chin) and my bite was affected even after having orthodontics.

I consulted with 2 separate surgeons. The first is the guy all the local celebs go to and was recommended by a college friend who has had work done. I liked his work, but I was dismayed that all his noses looked exactly the same. It was as if he put the same nose on lots of different people. I liked the nose, but I didn’t want the cookie-cutter nose, I wanted my nose, just tweaked a little. He also would not do sliding genioplasty, he would only do implants for chins.

The second surgeon was recommended by a friend who has a cousin who had reconstructive work done by him. He does a lot of reconstruction as well as cosmetic work. He was much more my speed and I loved that he did not have the same nose on everyone. His noses look much more natural and he felt that a chin implant would not work, but a genioplasty would give a much more natural result.

I like the results, both medically and physically. The recovery was not bad for the nose, the chin/jaw did hurt for a while. My results look natural. People who haven’t seen me in a while can’t quite place what the change is.

I love my nose, its a perfect shape with no bumps, just kind of straight down, and just a tiny smeckling of freckles at the bottom which come out in the sun.

If you wear glasses does that give you a bump in your nose?

I have my mother’s nose. I’m resigned to it. I’d much rather have my dad’s nose, which is less upturned than mine. My sister was the lucky one who got his nose. Bah. :slight_smile:

I’ve got the stereotypical “cutenose. The only really annoying thing about it is that it’s easy to see up my nose if you’re even the tiniest bit shorter than me, so I have to be cautious about free range boogers toward the front of my nostrils.