Screw what everyone else thinks, do YOU think you're attractive?

I see all the flirty threads, and all the “who’s who” and “who’s attractive” threads.

And it just makes me think: You know, screw what everyone else thinks about you. I’m not all that interested in what someone thinks about the other dopers, at least, not as much as I am interested in what dopers think about themselves. Sure it’s important to everyone how they look, but I am interested in how people view themselves. That is infinitely more important (or at least more interesting) I think.

However, is it possible that some people need to get a reality check? Personally, I don’t think so. Take for example the character Mimi on The Drew Carey show. I think she is u-g-l-y. She thinks she’s sexy. Does this mean she should stop thinking she’s sexy? What if a huge majority of everyone she meets thinks like I do? Should she then stop thinking she’s sexy? You know what I think? Hell no!

Okay, I’ll go first: I think I’m a sexy beast. I think that I have a lot of good things going for me that, however slightly, outweigh the bad things. In fact, I think I’ll list them as pro/con with smileys to differentiate twixt the two.

:)I have really cool eyes. They are two different colors and they change all the time, usually with the seasons.

:(I have a mono-brow. If I didn’t pluck it like a sissy, I’d have the beetle-browed look of a cave man.

:)I’m tall. Not reeeeealy tall, like a Laker, but tall enough to not worry about it.

:(I have too much hair. To spare you nausea, I’m talking about body hair. If this was the 70’s, I’d be the man, but since it’s not I’m not.

:)I have big beefy muscles, girly-man. Deny it all they will, chics dig muscles. It’s engrained into their genetics and they are powerless to deny it. A powerful appearance is attractive because of this, because it denotes that we can hunt and gather better than the wimpy guy.

:(I have a big beefy gut to go along with my big beefy muscles. This makes me look, as Favian in Pulp Fiction would put it, “…oafish or like a gorilla”. Oh well. I can say it’s a gas tank for a sex machine.

:)I have great hair. Thick, black, wavy, soft, pirate-guy-on-the-cover-of-a-romance-novel hair.

:(I have no ass. As Chris (my SO soon to be wife) would say, I have a “back crack”. My back runs straight into the back of my legs and that is it for ass for me. Too bad, since chics dig a nice ass as much as guys do. I was absent the day they handed out ass and the guy that works in the office across from my cube got my share - huge ass.

:)I am a snazzy dresser. I can match, I know a good deal about fashion rules. Now, before you start calling me sissy and mary, let me tell you guys this:
Clothes can make the man. If you are not Brad Pitt or someone equally capable of looking good in a pair of plaid pants, a pair of pink fuzzy slippers and a hawaiian shirt then you will need all the help you can get. If you know how to dress, you can take what you have and make the best of it.

:(I have a crooked tooth. It works for Jewel, but not for me. I didn’t wear my retainer oh-so-many years ago, and now it shows. Bummer.

Not to leave out the most important factor in a person’s attractiveness: Personality. Typically everyone thinks they are cool, and I am no exception. I think I’m cool. Luckily, I can laugh with the rest of the crowd when this is proven to be false, which happens often.

In spite of all this, or maybe because of it, I think I’m a pretty attractive guy. I have days like everyone else when I think that I am about as attractive as Jabba the Hutt getting an olive-oil enema but they are few and far between. For the most part I am confident because I like my “look” and am sure that several members of the opposite sex would like to hang out with me.

So, I just want to know:
What do you think about your looks? Do you think you’re attractive or not? Do you think you have a good “look” or not? Do you even care? Do you act like you don’t care but secretly you do like Ally Sheedy on The Breakfast Club or do act like you care but secretly don’t like so many people I know?

In short:

Screw what everyone else thinks, do you think you’re attractive?

I have great hair too. Kind of whispy babyfine pale blonde.

I am hella cute. This is an indisputable fact.

I don’t think I am attractive AT ALL.

The things I DO like about me:
my hair - it’s long and a really pretty light brown with some nic eblond highlights to it
my eyes - they’re green, and I wear green contacts so they’re really distinct.
my legs - this one almost went on the other list because I stopped playing soccer so I have this horrible fear they’re getting fat. For the time being though, they could be worse.

Things I DON’T like about me (note: this isn’t all-inclusive, just the main points)
MY STOMACH - ok, i could weigh 2 pounds, and I would still have this goofy-looking tummy. It sticks out in the most unappealing manner. :frowning: Note that this is the one thing that makes me hate the way I look. If I could JUST be a skinny size 2…I would be sooo happy.
my skin - sooooo pale. AND the freckles accent it sooo well. :frowning: Since it’s winter, my hands look like dried up, wrinkly old lady hands.
my butt - ok, I know “prominent” backsides are in…but that doesn’t change my contempt for it.
my arms - soooo scrawny…yet what little fat is on them jiggles at every movement.

I don’t know why I don’t just lock myself in a room with a bag on my head…

Bet you’re sorry you asked huh? :wink:

I think I am. But then again, I’m biased. :slight_smile:

No. In fact, everything you wrote makes me want to challenge you to a licking contest.

Short answer: Nope.

Just as a side note, I find that it’s much easier to shave a unibrow than to pluck it. Contrary to popular belief, it does not grow back thicker. Just be very careful with that razor! One false move and you’ll be drawing your eyebrows on for the next couple of months.

Oh, you don’t sound bad to me! We can’t all look like supermodels, and most people don’t expect you to look like one. Every human being has imperfections and we all tend to be way too critical of ourselves anyway.

Anyway, as for me, sometimes I think I look pretty good, and other times I think I look awful. It all depends upon what mood I’m in when I look in the mirror. Last time I checked I looked great!


Damn straight!

[li]I’ve got pretty brown eyes and they’ve got this kewl almond shape to them. Apparently they can be quite seductive.[/li][li]My nose turns up in a cutesy but kewl way.[/li][li]I’ve got a nice rack with no sagging.[/li][li]My childbearing hips are kewl, and also make me porportionate.[/li][li]I’m tall and I guess I’m glad that I have to look for longer things rather than be so short I have to have everything hemmed.[/li][li]I’ve got a nice ass and sexy calves.[/li][li]I have long nail beds so it looks like I have long nails even when they’re pretty short.[/li][li]My creamy white skin looks good on me.[/li][li]I’m so versatile I can wear stuff that no one else would be able to wear without looking like an idiot. In fact, I often look really cute/kewl in these things. (For example: a paper suit, neon pink fishnets, a stetson hat with a dress.)[/ul][/li]minuses:[ul]
[li]My thighs need a bit of work.[/li][li]Two words: stretch marks. Puberty was not kind to my body, and I think I’ve got too many of them. (for example: in two months- “damn, where’d these hips come from?”… “Wow, I’ve got breasts that are huge now! Oy.”)[/li][li]I’d like a slightly flatter belly. I want to look sexy naked, not look like buddha naked… not that it’s that big, but you know, I guess I’d like to not feel a big pudgy in my voleyball uniform for once.[/li][li]I smile goofy. I swear, I just always look weird smiling, and those damned odd facial expressions I have.[/li][li]Some things make me blush way too easily.[/li]More of my female friends have seen me indecently than some of the guys I want to have naked time with. :frowning: Oh well, there’s time to fix that ratio, or to make it count less.[/ul]

:slight_smile: I have a great personality.
:frowning: I am poorly co-ordinated and tend to trip a lot due to my “third leg.”

Lexicon, what’s wrong with a lot of hair? My boyfriend is just like that and I find it verrrry sexy.

As for me?

I think I’m very cute. :^)

No, not in any way.
Though, I don’t really care. Even though I don’t think I’m attractive, I like the way I look. Also, I don’t think it matters, as I also like the person I am.

No. I think I am OK, in general, I’m not gonna make anyone puke, but I don’t think I’m all that attractive. I don’t usually like what I see in the mirror.


I don’t think I am. I haven’t since the car accident a few years ago. I think I have the potential to be good-looking again, but I just haven’t liked much about my appearance in a few years.

It’s just as well. I don’t think anyone IRL would want me to actually act as cocky and arrogant as I pretend to be on these boards. :slight_smile:

Damn straight!

Yeah, but I’d like to see you try to impersonate a guy with tits like mine. [see link in my sig line below]

Not particularly, but my sister and our friend Allison have both forbidden me from thinking that I’m ugly. Something about it adding to bad self esteem… Whenever I start feeling icky appearance-wise, I’m supposed to remember what Allison told me one summer night: “You’re pretty, damn it. You know how shallow I am – I wouldn’t be friends with you if you weren’t pretty!”


And nobody else seems to either.

Personally, I think you’re very attractive, and I think that you may very well be the only one who thinks anything to the contrary. :slight_smile: