What do you find attractive in women, (physically speaking)?

This is just for fun.
I was wondering what you ‘Dope-Folk’ found appealing regarding a woman’s physical appearance. I saw on CNN that men generally found brunettes with longer hair most appealing. Is this true with you? Anyone here find certain aspects of a woman’s appearance attractive that most people generally find unattractive, or neither attractive or unattractive? Please, if not too personal, specify whether you’re a male poster or female poster.

I’m a male. Here our my preferences. They are subject to change, and definitely aren’t required for me to be smitt’n over a kickass gal.

Blond (light or dark) hair at shoulder length. Possibly with a light curls at the end of the hair, and cute bangs on top. This provides a perfect framing to a beautiful face, imho.

Brown eyes, not “shinny” brown, but “muddy” brown. Love the big brown eyes!

I like both cute “baby fat” cheeks, and defined, slender cheeks.

I really don’t like puffy lips, or lips that are too thin. I like lips that are somewhere in the middle. As far a makeup goes, I normally would rather a woman be happy with the way she looks without makeup; however, on occasion, I really wouldn’t mind a bright red lipstick applied, Especially if she’s wearing a nice red dress that matches.

Quite honestly one of the least things on my mind when I’m liking the way a woman looks is her breast size. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE breasts… LOVE them! I just love them in general. This being said, there are two particular types of breasts that I don’t like. Fake breasts, and huge breasts. Back to that red dress; It would be extremely hot if the red dress dipped down in the front so the sides of the breasts, (on the inside/cleavage) are visible. A bra used to accentuate, not the space in-between the breasts (the bottom of the canyon), but the sides of them (…the “canyon”), soft, and perked up.

Body Type:
Muscular, but not “manish”… I need protection when I’m walking in a rough part of town!! If Anna Kournicova were to flex, it would be an incredible turn on. More tone in arms and legs than chest. A nice back… Once again, if that red dress were backless, and the woman had a beautiful back… fan me so I don’t faint!

Butt’s are great… I don’t really know what sort of butt I like, though. Anything cute. Not big.

Now that I described such a sexy creature, I would also like to stress that I wouldn’t want a woman to look “sexy” all the time… not even a lot of the time. I want a woman who doesn’t mind meeting me for a date, or spending a quiet night at home with me, wearing a gray sweatshirt that has food on it because she was baby-sitting an applesauce slinging toddler. Or someone that’s not afraid to not shower on her day off. Someone that, too the naked eye, is more “cute” than “sexy”. Basically I want a human being. A gal who isn’t afraid to get sick in front of me, while I hold her hair. Someone who knows her place is too generally be herself. That’s attractive beyond words.

Certain “weird” things I like:
Runny nose in the winter time. Old, beat-up, sneakers or shoes. Snoring. Clumsy. Goofy… but not with the intention to be goofy, and laugh at herself, NOT “STUPID” GOOFY! There are quite a few more that I wont get into just yet. A lot of these have nothing to do with “physical appearance”, I’m just adding a few things.

Boobs. I’m a simple, simple man.

I like a cute face more than anything else, because you’re going to be staring at that more than anything else (breasts included). A pretty smile and nice eyes do more for me than a health-club body, and if she wears glasses, that’s icing on the cake. Glasses are a MAJOR turn-on.

I prefer a big girl, voluptuous, curvy, “big-boned.” Big breasts are more fun than small, but they’re all pretty great. I like pale better than tanned, and brunettes and redheads more than blondes. I’m really into alternative-Goth-punk-retro-rockabilly-looking girls, as far as fashion and hair styles go, if that helps narrow it down a bit.

But all women are beautiful, IMO.

curves. weight doesn’t matter. skinny or big doesn’t matter. Just have good curves.

Damn, this is too difficult a question to answer in one day.

For now I’ll Say natalie portman with bigger breats.

Or Mena Suvari with more weight.

Another guy here that prefers a pretty face rather than perfect body. I’ve also got a thing for redheads.

However, that being said, I’m currently expanded my dating criteria from “tall, skinny, model, etc…” to “not stupid and not male”

(guy posting…)
cute face
brunettes are usually more cute… redheads are incredibly sexy.
I like nice eyes and a nice smile. Big noses are a MAJOR turn off, however fake ones are the same. So basically your stuck with that physical disability unless somehow you get a nosejob and it looks real.
Breasts… are great, as any man one would say. As much as i LOVE big ones, small ones are great too. It all depends on the body type. If the girl is slightly smallboned and under 120 lbs… its not too great to have mountains under the chins. However if the girl is a lil taller and semi bigboned, you have to have decent sized ones to make the girl look complete.
Butts… Well, J-lo and Shakira have great ones, but thats cause they prolly work them out so much to look so great. But basically, the bigger the better, as long as its not too big and there is some cottage cheese action on em.

Legs can be incredibly sexy, long and (shaven of course…). Cottage cheese thighs are a turn off.

A toned stomache… maybe a slight six pack is great. A slightly toned body is decent, however a girl like Chyna or something like that is COMPLETELY gross. I wouldnt wanna be dating a man with muscular boobs and a vagina…

Now this is an interesting thread!! Most of y’all will not meet your dream girl in Dallas, TX (I’ll just let you figure out why on your own.) :smiley:

To me, the thing I find most attractive in women are their shoulders/neckline. I love a graceful, toned set of shoulders. The best I’ve seen (other than my significant others:D ) would have to be Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I want a big complete girl. Preferably with black hair and green eyes. Long straight hair. I never look at butts and not much at legs. Good, but not outlandish boobs.

Well, me.

Of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


What I find most attractive:

Darkish hair, italian or indian-asian looks. Not tall - I’m 6" tall but I like ladies who are a few inches shorter. Curvacious body. Full bottom - no skinny behinds please. Boobs aren’t top priority, but ideally they would be just natural without being too perky.

Just realised that description was becoming a bit like something out of Penthouse. Oh well. :wink:

I also realised that my last post sounded like I was ordering from a MacDonalds drive-thru. Didn’t mean it to sound like that…!

The face is the kicker. It doesn’t matter how great the body, she has to have a nice face. As far as other features, just about anything goes.

And in case any women who read this are curious about my opinion on breasts (and why wouldn’t they be!?)… I like breasts…big ones, small ones, medium ones, dark ones, light ones, and if you cooked up some ethnicity that had blue skin…that’d be fine too!

Just how full of a bottom does Herge expect on his 3 inch tall women?

Is it all blokes posting so far? I’m bi, and I like a different body type to my own, which is zaftig with long red hair.

Purely physically, I like dark hair and mediterranean skin tones, and a bit of wiry muscle. Moderately slender but definitely not stick insect. Strong and curved. Medium sized breasts, and a bottom with some padding and good curvy hips. Somewhat butch in style is good, but not outrageously so.

I’m a guy.

I like dorky looking women. I don’t like overweight women for the most part, but that’s pretty much it. I really just like the way some women look, or I don’t. Not into model types.

I do wish that women were as indiscriminate as me, and a lot of other men that I know.

I know a men who like big women, strong women, women with a small cheast. I’ve never met, (in person) ,a woman that finds short men attractive. Too bad for me…

I’m a straight woman but I like look at other women. I prefer that they not be made-up or at least look that way. I like different hair and face styles. Rounded breasts beat out pointy ones. Large is usually better than small. I’m fascinated by rounded hips. Not fatty ones but the kind that curve gently out from a nicely defined waste. And, probably since I was cheated out of long limbs myself, long legs are great. The kind that show off an elegant evening gown or even just a great pair of slacks.

That said, I think Halle Berry is just the most adorable thing ever but personality-wise, Katharine Hepburn is the best.

Well manicured hands and pedicured feet. Tan feet with beautiful nail polish in a pair of black thong sandals. A summer dress with spaghetti straps on nice shoulders. In short, my soon to be wife (come on Nov. 1).