Plain girl, great chest

Okay, I don’t want to offend any female Dopers, but I’m sitting at a computer lab across from a young woman who has a very plain face but one of the most gorgeous racks I’ve seen in a long time. Her breasts are large, round, and bouncy. Her nipples are also showing through.
This has caused me to feel a rather unique sensation. On her face alone, I’m not terribly attracted to this woman, but those incredible tits just draw my eye. I’m fighting hard not to stare. (And succeeding so far.)

Have any guys reading this ever felt this way about a woman before? Not necessarily about breasts, but when a woman has some outstanding feature that is counterweighted by a less-than-outstanding one?

Ladies, ever felt this way about a guy? Or am I just a pig? (See the “Am I a loser?” thread in the Pit.)

Oops, she just burped, quite loudly. That helps. I’m thinking about her less now.

Being a breast man myself, I must say I’ve experienced this before, and yes, we are pigs.

Just do it for a minute. You’ll either get enough, or ask her out.

Dude, throughout my entire junior and senior year of high school I didn’t even realize that breasts came with women attached to them. Of course I’ve felt that way… hehe, felt…

But of course, I’m much more mature now, and realize that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be unless you really dig the chick wholeheartedly. It’s a complete package, and each one is one of a kind.

Pardon me, if we are talking about breasts, that should be two of a kind.

Yeah, in college there was this professor who was pretty unattractive physically, but he had a really great lecturing style and an amazing mind. I never had him in class but I knew him slightly. He also had a great voice. Anyway, one my girlfriends said, on a weekly basis, how much she’d love to do him. If only she could get him to wear a bag over his head. She said she was so in love with him mind she couldn’t help herself. Particularly telling for me was the fact that she was one of the more prudish people I knew: never told sex jokes, favored Laura Ashley dresses, etc. But she said she’d fuck him in a New York Minute, avec bag of course.

Several years later, one of my other friends fell in love with him and acted on it. They got married, it was QUITE scandalous.

I was working as a waiter while in college and was waiting on a table of two women and two men obviously on a double date.

Towards the end of their dinner I came to the table and heard them in a polite but semi-heated discussion on whether men prefer tits or asses overall (their wording). I was keeping out of it till one of the women said, “Let’s ask the waiter. (catching my eye) So what do you think? Is it tits or asses?”

This is a bad postion for me. I have no idea who is paying the bill yet to take a side and guarantee a good tip. Even if I pick the side the bill payer is on I’m still going to cheese off half of them which again could work against me.

My answer?

“The face,” I said. The two women lit up with big smiles and the look on the guys face said, “Good answer…assh**e.” Still, the guys clearly respected the answer as a swift move on my part and my tip was assured (turned out better than I even hoped for).

Thinking about my answer later I had to admit it was more than a quick answer to save a tip but one I actually believed in. Has anyone here checked someone out from behind and thought, “Damn, he/she is HOT!” then have the person turn around and you cringe/shudder when you see their face?

I’ll admit to being a big admirer of both a great chest and/or a great ass but I couldn’t move on a thing if the face isn’t there. Think about it…it’s what you’ll generally look at the most anyway no matter where a relationship may go.

In the end Soulsling has the right idea. It’s a whole package deal. If you’re going for a one-nighter then just looks and how horny you are are the determining factors. If you’re going for something longer term then the dynamic becomes much more complex by adding in personality. Still, taking in the big picture is what will stand you in good stead here.

If no sex or relationship will develop then I say enjoy the view! (As long as your reasonably polite/covert about it!)

Coming from the woman’s side.

I always felt that Jeff Goldblum has a hell of a body and a terrific personality, but that mug . . . ugh.

Yes, yes, and yes.
Years ago I was at a chapel service in college (Christian college…duh) and noticed a girl a few rows up who had the most gorgeous long blonde hair I think I’ve ever seen. I waited a long time for her to turn around (yes, I should have been more concerned with my spiritual growth and paid attention to the speaker or the singing or whatever was going on, but I wasn’t). She was sort of petit, but nice and tall. I was thinking that ANY woman with hair that beautiful HAD to be an all around beauty. After a while she finally did turn around enough for me to get a good look. Yeah, it wasn’t a girl. It was that new guy Dave from our choir. Ick. I mean, Dave’s a nice guy and all, but I don’t swing that way. He cut his hair soon after. We eventually became friends and I later told him about it. He was slightly amused.
I’m a little more cautious nowadays.

Yes, this happens frequently, and I’m not even the slightest bit of a breast man.

This weekend, I was at a bachelor party with the obligatory stripper which I was assigned the task of booking. So, I enjoyed my research thoroughly, and enjoyed her “show” even more. Some great tits, and the rest of the package to go with them. Now, you’d think I’d be ODed on tits and nakedness for the night after seeing Starr up close and personal, but no. Sure enough, at the bar later that night there was this waitress. Much like you described, very average looking, nice body, in shape. Dressed very plain considering she’s a waitress at a upscale bar, and all the other women working were showing it off, but she wasn’t too concerned. Why did I end up fixated on this girl all night? Well, she had a very nice shaped B-cup, that fit her perfectly, and she had the most pronounced nipple hard-ons I’ve seen in a long time. Those little nubs poking out through that gray tank top had me in a trance all night. It didn’t matter that there were much more attrcative women everywhere, it didn’t matter that I’d had a huge set of fake tits in my face a hour previous, there was just something special about this girls tits. Maybe I notice this stuff too much, or maybe I’m a pig for liking it so much. I really don’t care, she was the most attractive girl I’d seen all night.

Ladies, I’m not a prick, I promise.

Pretty much all the time. I’ve run across more than my share of women with absolutely stunning bodies, but faces that would scare flies off a s**t wagon.

I particularly prefer women with really pretty faces who don’t necessarily have the greatest bodies- it gives me hope because they could potentially end up with the whole package, while the plain/ugly face & great body girls aren’t likely to get any better.

Either way, it doesn’t mean I don’t still look, though.

I agree with Soulsling though… it’s the whole package if you’re really interested in the girl. The rest of it is eye candy. (Had to explain to girlfriend once that just because some men like big boobs, that doesn’t mean that they don’t date women without them)

Are you a pig? Nope, you’re a guy. You are biologically programmed to find women attractive, and I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. The way I look at it, women look the way that they do so that men will find them attractive. The continuation of the species depends on it. And if you are attracted to only one part of her body, so be it. Now, if you were dating her only for her breasts - then, you’d be a pig. :slight_smile:

And, in answer to the other question in your OP, yes. There are definitely men, and sometimes only parts of men, that I have been very attracted to, as eye candy alone, with no interest in the inside of their skull. These are not men I would be interested in getting to know; it’s an aesthetic thing only. And I do not see a darned thing wrong with it.

By the way, the last two sentences of the above should say:

These are not men I would be necessarily be interested in getting to know; it’s an aesthetic thing only. And I do not see a darned thing wrong with it.

I’m with KimKatt. OF COURSE there are guys who I see as eye candy, and I have absolutely no interest in getting to know. And that’s perfectly normal. But I most certainly wouldn’t want to date most of them. And the guys I DO want to date are attractive because I like the person, and the rest falls in place.

You have stumbled onto my whole thing . . . I much prefer faces because as has been said before by myself and others, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of her face than anything else. For that reason I prefer shots of people’s faces over shots of other individual body parts (with the possible exception of hands, another lovely part :))

I would not, to answer your question, go out with a woman solely because she had large breasts, or solely because she had small breasts. Breasts can be made with plastic . . . a face is harder to make, but a personality cannot be bought.

Eyes are what gets me. They tell alot about the personality.

However one thing I believe is that all women are beautiful, some have just not realized it yet.

iampunha said:

From Blackadder Goes Forth:

Lt. George: Ah, Cap! I hear you’ve been seeing a lot of Nurse Mary.

Edmund: Yes, almost all of her, in fact.

Manuel Garcia O’Kelly in The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress

From the OP:

Dude, if you’re extending that to the whole person, and not just looks, that can be said of any person on the planet. There’s nobody who’s perfect, or even above-average, in every feature, and there’s nobody who’s below in everything.

[me,too]Like some other guys said, insofar as looks are important, I do tend to prefer face to body. And Sassy, I was about to post that Heinlein quote, myself… About sums it up, I think.[/me,too]

For some time now some of my friends have been quite disappointed in me. Well my male friends anyway. Why? Because I haven’t noticed breasts. I look at a girl’s smile and her eyes if she’s not smiling when I first see them and usually nothing more than that. So when a friend comments on the breasts of a girl we’ve just passed I’m either at a loss or peering behind me so I can make comment.

It even reached a point where I was actually starting to feel a bit defensive for not noticing, particularly after a couple of incidents where they apparently should have been all too apparent.

So now I’ve reached a point where a few of my friends have inadvertantly trained me to occasionally notice breasts. I still lapse here and there and they will always remain a postscript after smile and eyes.
Anyway, the real reason I posted here was to offer some advice. Many women subscribe to the theory of palm to tip of finger to ascertain male size. Now the male equivalent theory: to ascertain a women’s breast size, stare intently at the breasts until an image forms in your head.