Plain girl, great chest

  1. They have tits.

You saw it here first folks!

teehee. when i read the title of this thread i thought, “hmm…its a description of me”

I’m looking you up on the SD people pages right now, hypergirl!

im not on the people pages yet. but i have a pic if you want it.

Funny. Not. Some of us notice more than the size of a woman’s breasts.

Sorry, I’m a bit touchy today. Hope to be better tomorrow.

I’m not plain, I have a nice chest, and eventually I will be up on the people pages. I like what I look like, and I think the eyes of a person can be their sexiest feature. It just does it for me when a guy has these amazing eyes that just startle you when you first see them.

It’s funny - my eyes have been described as sexy; expressive; intelligent; whimsical (don’t ask me); piercing and “the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen.”

Can they be ALL these things? If so it depends on my moody when you meet me rather than my eyes.

goes off to practice the sexy phase

Hell, I go for the face and the body. I guess thats why i havent had a girlfriend in a long time. :frowning:

I ocassionally notice one feature on a guy that outweighs the rest. There was a guy I used to work with who had an incredible body (he was a bodybuilder) but no personality, so I just looked at him but didn’t really want him or anything.

Usually I am attracted to guys who’s personality doesn’t match their appearence. Only once have I found a man who had the complete package. But hopefully I will meet another who does not get drunk and grope other women at parties and feel no guilt.

ahem Excuse me.

My guy friends my age (19-21) are attracted to eye candy - we call them pop tarts - but best friends with good girls without huge fake breasts. We were actually talking about this at work today - 6 out of 7 guys said that the girls they will eventually marry are more like their imperfect friends than their beautiful girlfriends. The other was 16 and really just wants to fuck Christina Aguilera. 'Nough said.

Nothing wrong with focusing on one fabulous body part as long as you realize we have much more to offer.

Heh. Yeah, I thought this thread was about me, too. Then I thought, “Nah. My rack isn’t that great either.” :wink:

Nacho, thats exactly what it is like. Except my problem is the other way round, I end up as Mayor of the “friend zone” with anyone I am remotle interested in. Eye candy is just that, eye candy. thats not what attracts me to women. No matter what they look like, I cant stay with a woman I cannot talk to.

I don’t see anything inherently wrong with wanting to fuck Christina Aguilera. Just as long as it shuts her up for a minute or two :smiley:

In response to the OP: yes, we all look. We must. We are men, and we shall Sneak A Peek. Doesn’t mean we’re all pigs - even if I’m with my girlfriend, I STILL have to look at a beautiful woman when one is near (and mind you, my girlfriend is NOT plain or ugly by any standard - and she’s got a great [albeit not big] chest as well ;)). But hey, she does the same, most likely. It’s just that we men are incredible bad at covering up our peeking. We’re so obvious. Women are more stealthy that way.

In the Ass vs. Tits Debate, I have to opt for the former.

Heck, Ruffian and I BOTH look at girls’ boobs. (I swear I have the best girl on the planet.)

<making notes for my 8/13 rendezvous with Ruffian and DeathLlama: wear pushup bra.>


I once knew this guy who, face wise, was highly unattractive but happen to notice the huge bulge in his jeans. Not your average bulge but very large. It was intriguing actually.

I don’t make it a habit to look in that general direction as men with tight buns are what I look at but I did wonder what it would be like.

So there.

Techchick! I knew the same guy!!!

I never really noticed till a girlfriend mentioned it and then it was all I could do to NOT stare. :eek:

Too funny.


techchick! oakatym! I am that same guy!

'Tis true (the looking at boobs part). It’s really hard not to notice when some woman comes jiggling by.

This is particularly true at the racetrack. The Llama and I went to Del Mar this weekend and were hanging out in the Director’s Room (for the inordinately wealthy–yeah, we were guests of someone, only way we’d get in!), and were amused by the many flavors of Arm Candy accompanying the many white-haired older men. Apparently with these candy girls, boob display is a must. Some look nice and do a good job, and some just look…yuck.

And I must say…any woman who expects a man NOT to look is smoking candy-coated crack. It’s hard for anyone to miss a girl in a spaghetti-strap tank top, braless, and D+ cup bending over in front of you. HEL-lo! (That was an actual sight at Del Mar the other day.)

And Llama…smootch

Michi, I am going to officially disagree with you here. Unless you’re joking. Your face fits in this as well.

Well, when I’m strolling around town my eyes do wonder
around the T&A department. But I’m very sly about it…I don’t get caught (well sometimes if there is this amazing rack hopping along I do get caught). However, I catch a few girls a day checking me out below the head and staring at my body. So you ladies do it too, not all of you but many. Now when I’m having a face to face conversation with a lady, I don’t let my eyes drop down there out of respect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a breast man, but I try to not let the ladies catch me staring at their tits. Seems a lil rude.