Do you live near a LNG terminal?

I live on an island in North-east Maine. We are connected to the mainland by two causeways passing through another island. On the closest island is a Passamoquody indian reservation. They have voted to seriously pursue having a LNG (liquified natural gas) terminal on their land. Two other communities on the ocean voted this down, but my town has no say because it’s Indian land. Through their reservation is the only way off the island except by boat. If it’s built, there is no way to avoid driving very close to it and having it only four miles from the town line. It’s hard to get good information about what it’s like to live by one of these things. As you can imagine it’s a very contentious issue. The part that worries me, other than the highly explosive gas being transported to shore and then through a pipeline, is the day-to-day presence. I’ve heard there is a lot of noise and that there are very bright lights on 24/7. It also covers 40-45 acres. They promise jobs, but other than the inital construction, those jobs are highly technical and I doubt any of them will go to locals. The rest of the story is that the Passamoquodys are mad at the “white man” because recently in a statewide vote we voted not to allow them to build a huge casino on their land. Unlike other states we can do that because of an agreement they signed years ago in exchange for lots of money and some land. I do have to say that the vote for the terminal was close because many of them don’t agree that it’s an appropriate use of their sacred lands. we are only talking several hundred votes total. The LNG company has it made because they get to skirt a lot of federal regulations because it’s Indian land. The only way my town can survive now is tourism and with this I’m afraid it will hurt our pristine image. I’m really sick about this whole thing. The governor of Maine supports it by the way. I’m looking for someone who actually lives close to one of these terminals and can tell me their experience.

I know there aren’t many of these terminals so I guess Im out of luck getting any real information. All the Indians think about is the millions they will get over the 50-year lease. If the damm thing explodes there will be no way to leave or have food, fuel, medical supplies, etc. trucked in. I need this, along with elevated terrorist warnings.

Darn them uppity Injuns. How dare they have a say on land usage or commerce, when the white man stole it from them fair and square. :rolleyes:

You’d do well to research the matter, suezeekay, as you might learn how Indians have been screwed over twelve ways for Topeka ever since the white man set foot on this continent.

We’ve raped the ecosystem, herded the Indians like cattle, and limited their avenues for income, so I’ll offer you no sympathy should they elect to have a LNG port on their land. Or should you abridge that right also? :wally