Do you mind knowing where the bathroom is?

This question was posed to me at work. I provided good customer service and took the child (approximately 6 or 7) to the nearest bathroom. He and his father were appreciative.

But I had to chuckle, because the question he asked was not the question he wanted an answer to.

Maybe he had a Hungarian to English dictionary?

I HATE knowing where the bathroom is! I’m always hyper-aware of it and it really affects my concentration. It’s as if the bathroom were looking over my shoulder or something!

Actually, I mind not knowing where the bathroom is.

Actually it’s the kitchen I have my suspicions about.

Was his hovercraft full of eels?

All your TOILET are belong to us.

I will not buy this tobacconist; it is scratched.

I had a perfect record here at work for years. Everything was going just great. Then we hired this complete asshole in marketing. On his first day, he had the audacity to come up to me. You know what he said? “Dude, the bathroom is right over there.” Damn! And he had this smarmy, smug expression on his face when he said it.

Time to update the old resume.

I hate knowing where the bathroom is. Cause then I have to put up with blokes like you and your son who don’t know where it is asking me every 5 minutes. It’s such a drag. I wish I had never found that bloody bathroom.

I guess it was the ladies’ room.

Ew. I can’t believe I just said that. What is wrong with me??? :smiley:

That or they filmed “Saw” at his office…

One of us…One of us…One of us…


I hate knowing where the bathroom is. It used to be a new and exiting adventure to go in search of the elusive potty when I had to tinkle - I felt like Indiana Jones on an epic quest (fedora and bullwhip required).

Now that I know where the bathroom is… meh, it’s just routine.

In my 20s I was homeless and let me tell you, knowing where the bathroom is, any bathroom is a necessity. Knowing where a CLEAN and USEABLE bathroom is a must

[Norman Maclain]

I am haunted by waters.

[/Norman Maclain]

I think I may have told this story here before, but when I was 15 I went on holiday to Germany with my family. We travelled by train, and at one point had only 4 minutes to make a connection, As the only German speaker in the family, I went up to a member of staff at the station and asked, in my best schoolboy German, “Can I help you?”. The lady looked puzzled and replied (in German) “Can YOU help ME?”. I blame all those role-plays where you have to pretend to be a shopkeeper, waiter, doctor etc. Anyway, we caught the train despite my error.

I must have got this from my grandfather, as he once went up to someone in France and asked: “Excusez moi - parlez vous Francais?” :).

If it was he should have had this site bookmarked. It’s often come in handy for me.

BTW - I have been on diuretics for way too many years and I may know where most of the men’s rooms are this side of the Mississippi. It hardly bothers me at all anymore.