Do you need to wear sandals / flip-flops in changing rooms?

I have a feeling this is one of the dumbest questions ever asked here, but anyway:

I started to read a lot of advice that says that you should wear sandals or flip-flops in changing rooms to avoid getting, for example, athlete’s foot.

So I tried this, with the simple assumption that my bare feet must not touch the ground at any time.
But found it quite a hassle. Changing shoes and socks becomes awkward (note there’s often nowhere to sit), and washing my feet properly too.

Am I taking the advice too literally? Should I only care about wet areas of floor, or only when I’m not in the shower cubicle? Or something else?

I always wear flip flops, especially in wet areas and the shower.

I thought that it was verrucas that we were avoiding. A cheap pair of plastic flipflops are easy to get on and off and should be worn in all areas out of the water.

I rarely wear shoes (at all, not just in change rooms etc), and I have had a total of one veruca in my 40 years - when I was about 8.

The risk is minimal.

To be fair, the risk is minimal for some people - folks vary considerably in their vulnerability to things like warts and foot fungus.

You should be OK wearing your socks in a dry floor changing room (don’t need to switch socks!). And wear flip flops in a wet area.

The worst is bare feet in an inside public wet shower area. Interesting I’ve never had any problems in an outside swimming pool area??

Chlorine in the water kills athletes foot perhaps?

Or maybe the sunshine?

Direct sunshine kills a lot of things, actually. It’s the UV.

Given enough time and exposure it’s been known to kill even something as large as a human.

Reality check.
No, you don’t need to wear sandals, zorries, flip flops, in a shower area. Anything on the floor you don’t want to be in contact with, is going to ‘flip’ up onto the flip flop anyway.

Additionally, many flip flops are death traps on smooth wet surfaces…I’m looking at you Locals…

As for the original question about the ‘changing area’, can’t hurt might help. I’m one of the aforementioned people that has gone barefoot all of my life. It wouldn’t bother me personally, but some folks are ‘sensitive’, or may have open cracks on their feet.

And finally…for the OP. If you really felt the need to research about bare feet in a locker room, like you stated, "I* started to read a lot of advice that says that you should wear sandals or flip-flops in changing rooms to avoid getting, for example*
You probably shouldn’t be in a locker room in the first place. You probably shouldn’t ask the question on an internet forum either.
Stay home. The outside world is a scary place sometimes:smack:

cmdrpiffle, if you’re imagining someone looking for reassurance from the internet before they dare set foot out of the house, you couldn’t be further off from the truth.
I actually either go to the gym or go for a run, or both, every day.

I only started to consider this issue because of my high exposure / risk.