Do You Not Know How to Put a Roll of Toilet Paper on Roll?

It is too difficult to put the new roll on the bale? I have worked for three different companies in 16 years and at each location there is a person or persons who can’t/won’t put a new roll on the bale. When they use the old roll of toilet paper, they unwrap a new one and either put it on the vanity, on top of the toilet tank, on the floor (ugh!) or gingerly let it balance on the roller attached to the wall.

Are these people idiots? Does anyone else have this complaint?

I am wierd, but I prefer the roll on top of the tank. Too often bales (is that the name sor them) are too far to left or right to get at the paper with both hands whilst sitting. This leads to the need to snatch & tear with one hand, if that move is failed you get to watch the entire roll unravell onto the floor by your feet. An opened roll on top the tank, can be easily accessed by both hands, allowing you to disspense the paper in a much more civilized fashion. As for bales with built in cutting edges, I have cut my hand more than once on those instruments of torture.

Cheers, Bippy

  1. It’s not in my job description.

  2. According to the union rules, I’m not allowed to do that. It’s the janitor’s job to change the roll of toilet paper.

  3. Hi, Uncle Beer.


I’m the same way. I’ll put the roll on the holder when there are other people using it, because most of them want it there. But any time I am responsible for my own toilet paper and no one else’s, it sits in the tank, happy and free. :smiley:

What I hate is actually not the placement of the roll itself – hey, I’m adaptable. It’s the tissue paper quality of this recycled garbage that passes for toilet paper in most corporate buildings. In our building, for example, when you wipe, the paper balls up and then gets tangled up in your pubes. Later, when you get home, you have to practically yank half of 'em out just to get all the debris and dingleberry toilet paper wads out of your sensitive bits.

Was that TMI?

Dogzilla - you must be a wadder. Thin paper is not condusive to wadding.

And don’t give silly excuses. Just put the frikin’ toilet paper in the holder.

I’m a woman and I hate toilet paper holders. Ours sits on the window sill with a spare roll on the back of the tank and several spares in the cabinet above (I don’t like bathrooms without spare rolls).

Deadly bathrooms without spares are the epitome of Hell on earth.

I can understand someone not going to the time and trouble to hang an industrial-sized roll in those big dispensers you have to disassemble to fill. But the little home holders? My God, it takes all of 15 extra seconds (if you’re particularly clumsy) to push the little spindle, toss the old roll and put on the new one. How much fucking simpler can anything fucking be?

It’s bad enough when people put the roll on the tank top, where you have to reach around behind your back to get at it, but what really frosts my ass is when someone (namely every male I’ve ever fucking lived with) balances the roll on top of the spindle. It makes me want to jump up and down frothing at the mouth and shrieking, "You bent over far enough to put the roll on top of the spindle, but you couldn’t spend the extra 15 seconds to actually fucking HANG the goddam thing?! What the fuck is wrong with you people!? Your hand was right fucking THERE!"

In all fairness, I mentioned the subject to Dr.J just once, and he’s never balanced the new roll on top of the old since. Now he balances it on the towel rack or puts it on the tank. Somehow, I think he missed the point.

FairyDust, you could substitute any of these for your number 3 item:

‘My religion forbids it.’

‘If I wait long enough, someone else will change it for me.’

‘Why bother? They’ll only complain that I hung it the wrong way.’


Any of which is infinitely preferable to her choice.

Okie-dokie, RangerDude. I pick ‘Why bother? They’ll only complain that I hung it the wrong way.’

Which brings us to the question that I’m sure has been asked before: Which is the right way to hang a roll of toilet paper?

I like this funny web page about it:

And what’s even funnier is the question they pose for ‘Next Week’. :smiley:

Oh, UncleBeer, sorry if I struck a nerve there earlier. I promise not to do that again.


The only proper way to hang toilet paper is with the spindle in the middle. Everything else is just gravy.

So, I’m not the only one. I just started a new job last July, and I am still astounded by the lazy asses that work there. I go out to lunch every day becuase the lunch room is so filthy it reeks. There isn’t even a clean space on the table becuase everyone leaves everything where they please. Fast food bags, half empty and leaking coke cups, half-eaten ripped open bags of chips, used paper plates strewn all over the talbe. Filthy microwave. Unfortunately I can’t go out to use the restroom, and since I have kidney disease I visit three or four times in an average workday. The toilet paper is usually on the FLOOR of all places, even though we have the home-style spindle and a trash can right beside it. The women wash their hands and don’t bother to wipe down where they’ve splashed. The tank takes forever to fill so if you go in right after someone else you have to wait to flush. These gals are too stupid or too lazy and just walk out with their business still floating in the toilet. And their are paper towels everywhere EXCEPT in the trash can.

Holy crap (no pun intended), lorinada. That’s unbelievable. We were having a few people leaving their dirty coffee cups in the sink in our lunchroom, and the boss got fed up and asked me to put up a sign asking people to clean up after themselves. He’d probably fire the lot of us if we were absolute pigs like your co-workers!

We have a sign in our break room that says, "Did you just put that dish in the sink expecting someone else to wash it? Think again! " I’ve never seen that room anything but neat and clean.

Heh - that’s a great sign. I had to put a sign on the fridge as well - “Please don’t eat other people’s lunches.” We thought that was understood by anyone over 5, but apparently not.

Looks like FariyDust’s item number 3 is having the desired effect :slight_smile:

The toilet paper holder in our old office building was one of those stainless steel ones with a lock on it. (The janitors changed it at night, but with an office building full of women and only two rolls? come ON!).

Furthermore, the second roll that is supposed to drop down when one pushes the empty one back (according to the instructions) did NOT work.

Most of the women who worked in that office just unwrapped the new rolls and left them on the tank or on top of the inop. TP holder.

I’m so glad this thread was started.

The OP just described a MAJOR pet peeve of mine.

What the fuck is wrong with people that they can’t put the goddamn mother plucking toilet roll on the holder??? Jesus, people, it’s not rocket science!!!

I’ve gone off on so many people for this, as there’s no excuse for it. I’m with Crazycatlady on this one. Everything she said is right on.

Goddamn lazy fucks…