Why is it so difficult to put the new TP onto the roller?

I swear it’s an epidemic. My house, friends house, it’s all the same, and I KNOW you’ve encountered this.

Why is it that when the TP roll runs out no one can install the new one? They either just leave the empty one on there and walk away or just grab a new roll and put it on top of the toilet.

Look, it just is. I can’t explain it.

It isn’t difficult. I just don’t care enough to bother. *And *it prevents all of the over/under nonsense.

It isn’t difficult, it’s just a drag. So is replacing the paper towel roll, washing dishes, doing laundry. And the TP works perfectly well off the roll.

These are the things I get to on the weekends when I sleep late and then have the energy for them. I know, replacing the TP takes very little energy, but it’s still sometimes too much to bear.

“Mad About You” had an episode where in the beginning Jamie showed Paul how to replace the toilet paper roll. No words were spoken, but it was very funny.

This board is obsessed with tp! LOL! My husband will often leave about 2 squares left on the roll, so technically he is not failing to change an empty roll.

My wife never, ever, ever, ever, ever, replaces the roll. EVER! She sits the new one on top of the counter. Is it really too much trouble, once you have the new roll in your hand and are using it anyway, to just re-fucking-place it?

No! It takes all of 5 seconds.

Yeah, I’m venting. :mad:

ETA: I gave up even mentioning it years ago.

Reminds me of the Roseanne where Dan takes a swig from the milk carton, does a death twist like it’s completely sour, closes it and puts it back in the fridge.

We could lobby for local building codes to require triple roll dispensers: one for under, one for over, and an upright stick for Lazy/Forgetful/Indifferent.

But it’s the 21st century. Machines have been made that that shoot out 6,000 pieces of wrapped bubble gum every 60 seconds.

Why can’t they make a 2’ diameter roll of paper that fits inside the vanity with a dispenser outside that cuts and drops a #1 or #2 sized wad in my hand depending on where I hold my hand? Whywhywhy?

We solved that problem in our new bathroom. We didn’t put a dispenser in. The TP sits nicely on the top of the tank. Now, that’s easy.

So the next person has something to do while sitting there rather than think, “I shouldn’t have put so many jalapenos on my nachos.”

Thoughtful, really.

No over/under controversy, but you leave yourself open to a left/right debate. I really don’t want to get politics involved in a TP discussion! :smiley:

We have a vertical holder similar to this but cheaper and it’s rare that there’s not a roll on it. However, once the roll gets below about three quarters full, she’s put another one on the top of the tank…and one on the bed stand…and one in the car…and one near the sofa and one on my desk…holy crap, they’re everywhere.

We don’t have a dispenser either. There is evidence of previous tenants having had some installed (on the wall opposite the toilet, beside the toilet, and on the back of the door) but none are still there. There just really isn’t any good place in this washroom for a dispenser.

We used to keep it on the back of the tank, but now we have a cat that loves to destroy rolls of toilet paper, so we keep them inside the cabinet.

I was going to post something similar - we also have a vertical TP holder, and it always gets changed out (back when we had a horizontal, we had a similar problem as the OP). We also keep 3 backup rolls on the toilet plunger, which sits next to the toilet. Very easy to swap in a new roll.

The only problem is when the last roll from off of the plunger goes on to the dispenser. Which reminds me…