Do you or don't you have back-up childcare?

By “back-up” childcare I mean a Plan B in case your regular childcare is unavailable (usually babysitter is sick or having her/his own emergency) OR if your child can’t use the regular childcare (usually because child is sick and goes to childcare with other children and therefore not allowed to attend when sick).

I’d really be interested in hearing other people’s arrangements or lack therof.

I ask because my dad was recently expressing frustration with employees (in a hospital) who couldn’t come to work because of childcare failure. At one point he said “Your mother always had back up childcare! Why can’t they figure something out?”

Well, my mom only used daycare for the youngest of her 3 children and she just happened to luck into a daycare provider who happened to have her best friend and neighbor also run her own daycare next door. So it was easy for them to cover for each other. My mom still stayed home with baby brother if he was sick.

It just doesn’t seem that easy to arrange. Have you done it? Have you not?

I’m a stay at home mom, so that solves a lot of problems. But what if I were injured? I did get a serious back injury when I had a 3 yr old and 6 mos. old. My husband took two days off work. I have a lot of friends who are also stay at home moms who could and would help me out in a pinch, but I know more than a day or two would be very difficult for any of them.

My ultimate backup is my parents (who both work) and my in-laws (MIL is retired) who all live 4 hours away and definitely would drop everything if we absolutely needed them to.

So I guess my answer is yes, I have back-up, but no, I haven’t made formal arrangements.

As you do, my wife stays at home, and our backup plan is to put Sophie with her aunt (who is also her Godmother) or grandmother, if need be.

I would also be able to pitch in, as a lot of my work can be done over the phone/net.

My husband stays at home with my daughter, and no, I don’t have a backup pre-arranged. I can’t work from home just now.

I have no children - take this for what it’s worth.

I’m assuming you’re dad isn’t grousing about the person who occasionally misses work because of a catastrophie, and instead is grousing about people that have alergic children, or flu prone children, or children that get migranes (I was one of those), who know that their child is sick a lot, and yet make no attempt to get a back up if their regular child-care is not an option.

I work with a few of these (I used to be friends with one) - it’s a shame because then all parents get a bad rap, and parents that occasionally have to take kid time off get groused at because of a few bad apples.

Heck, I’d be happy if I could secure reliable and affordable primary childcare. At least that over which my daughter doesn’t have a near nervous breakdown at the prospect of using. :frowning:

Could this sentence be any more tortured?


We recently dropped our regular sitter because our daughter became distraught over going there. I think she was overwhelmed by the sheer number of kids there.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, too, and our only back-up plan would be my husband taking a day off. We’re very far away from our family and the friends we have in the area all work full time and have kids who are in school or daycare.

I actually did hurt my back pretty badly a couple months ago. We had to switch my son from his crib to the port-a-cot so that when it was time for his nap, I could just turn it on its side and shoo him in there and hope he crawled in. When it was time for him to get up, I would tip the port-a-cot over and let him crawl out. Fun times. Well, actually, he thought it was hysterical.

oh man, C3, that deserves to be written up in Great Moments in Parenting. The image did crack me up. I know it was a “so funny it hurts, hurts so much it’s funny” kinda thing

I have back-up, it’s not the greatest plan though. I’ve always used SAHM friends or relatives to provide child care, and the last sitter and I are still friends but it wasn’t a good sitting fit. No conclusive evidence but there was something very weird about the situation, her husband terrifies my son. Of course I was assured by her that nothing untoward was going on, but… :dubious:

My parents were always back-up for me, since they’ve retired and moved away I’m stuck using the dubious sitter if my current one needs time off.

Aaron goes to my university’s daycare, so it’s usually not a problem. However, the building was closed for mold a couple weeks ago and so we had to find other arrangements while they were moving into their temporary space. Fortunately, my sister-in-law was visiting, so she was able to take him when we needed her to.

However, now that she’s gone, I’m not sure what we’re going to do.