Do you (or would you) take a nap at work?

I’m finding it an indispensable part of my day at the office. At lunch, take out a small pillow and put it on the desk, put earphones in and put on an Andrew Johnson relaxation or power napping app on my Android phone, and snooze for 15-20 minutes. Then let out a huge satisfying burp from all the air I’ve swallowed for some reason, wipe up the drool a bit and I’m good to go for the afternoon!

So, do you take a nap at work (assuming you work in an office)? Would you if it were allowed?

Not on purpose. But, every day after lunch I get more and more sleepy. Until my eyes close sitting at my desk. I wake up about 15 to 20 minutes later. There’s no way to prevent it. It’s like a switch goes off in my head.

After that, I’m good to go for the rest of the afternoon.

I don’t like sleeping sitting up with my head on a desk. I have nodded off very occasionally at my desk, but I slouch back in my seat when I do. Never lasts for more than 10-30 seconds.

Now then. If I had a full-sized office with room for a comfy sofa, and the work accomodated it, I’d love to drop off for an hour every afternoon. 15-20 minute naps at home don’t refresh me very much – I need about 60-90 minutes.

I voted other. I *could *take a nap during breaks or during lunch, but choose not to. Some of my coworkers do though and it’s no big deal.

I don’t like to sleep in the afternoon unless I can go right on through until the next morning. It’s hard for me to wake up.

I am one of the Bosses and can do as I please. I have taken a nap at work about two times in last 10 years. Usually, I would go home and nap if I felt the need.

I chose “Other.”

I have taken naps at work, but only when I’m pregnant. During my first and second pregnancies I lived closer and could go home and take them.
The last two, I spread my coat out on the floor under my desk, locked the door and laid my head on a stack of newspapers. It was pretty comfortable.

Yesterday I was traveling for work and took a nap on the way home. Fortunately I wasn’t driving. :stuck_out_tongue:

I take naps about twice a week at work instead of going out for lunch.

I also have a prescription for naps. No joke, I got it because one of my professors hassled me about falling asleep and I got the doctor I see for my narcolepsy to write me a prescription for 15-30 minute naps every 3-4 hours.

There have been a few rare occasions when I have had to give myself a shot of Imitrex for a migraine and I have, with knowledge and permission of my boss, turned out the lights and put my head down on my desk for a while. If I can fall asleep for a few minutes, it helps. I would never press the privilege.

I have but only on rare occasion.

I have laid down when I was pregnant and working a 14 hour day. We actually have a cot at work (it’s a theatre and the actors association requires one) so it’s really easy. My boss is cool with it.

I voted “Other”

I work graveyard, alone, in an office, responsible for a couple hundred slumbering young people. If I were to close my eyes for even a deep thought and someone else walked in, I wouldn’t even be provided a box to put my stuff in, they would pack my stuff out, escort my ass out and UPS me anything else.

I like working nights and love the job and don’t have any trouble staying awake. Hell, I don’t even drink coffee.

But napping on my job is a very bad thing!

Camp? Dorm? Hospital?

Sometimes I find myself winding down hard when I’m at the nursing home or the hospital in the afternoon, and I’ll excuse myself and snooze for 15-20 minutes while the residents do their work. It doesn’t reduce the amount of work I have to do, so it just means I get home 15-20 minutes later–though probably less, since I’m not dragging so hard. I’ve also done this in clinic when I don’t have any patients for a few minutes, but I won’t make anybody wait.

Under normal circumstances, I can’t sleep during the day. If I’m sick or had a really bad night, I might nod off for a few seconds, but it that happens, I’ll get up and walk around.

Personally, I think sleeping at work is inappropriate, but in reality, what you do on your lunch break is your business, within reason of course. I have some coworkers who seem to think they should be allowed to snooze on the clock because it makes them more productive. Sorry, I don’t buy that at all. Yeah, the nap may make you productive, but if you need those 30 minutes, then tack 'em on the end of your work day.

Yeah, I’m an old grouch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seconding Ellen’s “when pregnant” response. With #1, my cube was probably the most visible one in the office, but frankly, there wasn’t much I could do to prevent that nap. With #2, I had a door that I made good use of.

Back when I worked in an office, once or twice I closed the door to my office and laid down for 5 or 10 minutes, when I was having a bad day. But it was awkward, and I would have been horribly embarrassed if I’d been caught.

Nowadays, working from home, if I have the urge to lie down for a bit, I do, on the couch in my office. I often take a 15 minute “power nap” and it does wonders. It seems like all I have to do is to get into a deep sleep for just a few minutes and I’m refreshed and revitalized for the rest of the day.

If I’m feeling run-down or sleepy and I don’t do that, I spend the rest of the day feeling sluggish and slow.

I really wish that workplaces were more open to napping like that, especially after reading this thread - I see I’m not the only one who benefits from it!

I could really do with 30-45 minutes to veg out after lunch. Engineer and I have been pushing for ‘business hammocks’.

Can’t say more without risk of a Google Alert to HR. Government contracted training program.

He’s apparently cool with working pregnant women for 14 hour days, too. What a saint!

I can only sleep in 6 1/2 hour increments. Not a napper.