Do you nap?

When I woke up from this afternoon’s nap, I started thinking about the fact that I have turned into a napper. Weekends, days off, vacations – if I’m not out and about in the mid- to late-afternoon period, I will nap for an hour or so.

I love naps.

Damn, I’m middle-aged. People in their 20s and 30s don’t nap – or do they? I didn’t. I think this is something that kicked in sometime in my early to mid 40s. (yawn. stretch)

Then it occurs to me – I can probably pinpoint the age when napping kicks in – by polling my fellow Dopers.

So – do you nap? And how old are you?

Me: Yes. 51.

I’m 29, and definitely not. It breaks up my day in a way I really don’t like, and I always feel disoriented and icky afterwards.

I just woke up from a nap a little bit ago. I got in the habit a few years ago and have been unable to stop. I am currently 49.

Yes. I’m 31.

I’ve been an amateur napper since I was about 25, and began napping in a serious way about three years ago, at 28. This may have something to do with the fact that three years ago, I married a man who is himself a dedicated napper.

There’s really nothing like a good nap. I’m not saying there aren’t things that are just as good, but there’s nothing like it.

(Of course, we must distinguish between naps, which involve sleep, and “naps,” which do not. I am equally fond of both, but Mr. Stuff tends to favor the latter, for some reason.)

I’m 32, and I love to nap anytime I can. Unfortunately, U.S. society and business is not geared towards allowing me that luxury. Living in South America for two years, where the siesta was practically enforced (you might as well nap from 1PM-3PM, because all the stores and restaurants are closed!), was like heaven to me.

I’ve been a hardcore napper for most of my life, but that’s gone away lately for the most part (I’m 31 now). Most of my napping was due to actually being very tired in the middle of the day, which I learned a few months ago was due, at least in part, to the fact that I have sleep apnea. Getting on a BiPAP machine made a big difference in the quality of my nighttime sleep, so I don’t crave naps the way I used to.

However, I still enjoy naps here and there when I have time. I just don’t need them much anymore.

As has already been said, there’s nothing like a good nap.

I have a seven-month-old daughter.

Damn right I nap.

Not often, but sometimes after a rotten night’s sleep, if it’s clear by about 10 AM that I’m not gonna be able to shake it off, I grab a 20 minute power nap. It’s almost miraculous how refreshing such a short nap can be. It’s soooo worth taking the time, rather than operating at half capacity all day.

Naps are most refreshing when they’re under 30 minutes (the exact time varies by person, of course.) If you nap too long, you’ll slip into delta sleep, and then you need a good hour and a half (total) to feel rested. (Cite: Power Sleep, by James Maas et al.)

Way back when I was a consultant and set my own hours, I would work a little in the morning, go to lunch, come back, work a little, take a nap, work a little go to dinner, come back, work from 10:00 til 2:00, sleep until 10:00 the next day and start over.

I was much happier on that schedule and I believe man was meant to break up his sleep. (that’s my story and I’m stickin to it.) But I don’t know or it will cause insomnia.

You say that like it’s a bad thing…

It’s only bad when your nap is taking place under your desk at work. :slight_smile:

I will nap if I’m very tired (I’m 24). People in their 20s definitely nap. Lots of college students schedule in a break between classes specifically for napping.

I’m 28 and I try to nap when I can. I’ve been doing it at least since I graduated college, which was when I was 22.

Anecdotal evidence: a college intern at my office recently took her lunch break to nap at her desk.

  1. I wish I could nap, but I can’t, I wake up feeling yicky.

29 here, Can’t nap either. It ruins my whole day. Makes me disoriented and throws off my grove.

I’m 25, and I adore naps. I was just considering whether I would have one right now, but it’s already 6:20, and I probably shouldn’t or I might end up bouncing around the house at 3 AM. So I’ll just drowse around and go to bed early. Ha, but tomorrow’s a holiday so it’ll be sleeping late and napping in the afternoon. Mmmmhhh sounds nice.

Count me among the dedicated nappers.
In fact I plan on putting in some serious hammock time tomorrow!
And no, I never napped before I was at least 35 or so.
I’m currently 45.

WOOOO! I’m napping like a motherfucker!


Not if I can help it. I’m 17. Though most of my friends do. But then, we go the Academy. Everyone naps at the Academy. Except me of course, but I sleep at night, unlike them. I’m just crazy that way.

  1. I nap in the afternoon if I haven’t been getting enough sleep at night.