Do you Ouija?

Does Ouija have any rules? Or at best, loose instructions? Also, have you ouijaed, and what was your experiences? And, have any experienced nothing at all?

Very curious to know more, but you knew I’d ask that!

  • Jinx

I used one once, and the spirits I communicated with told me that I was an idiot to use a Ouija board.


(AFAIK, as long as you “believe” it will work, the psychomotor effect will give you at least a small result. So pretend, at least.)

Yes, what is this? What did you experience? Could it be nothing more than sympathetic vibrations from the user, since our bodies ane never 100% perfectly still?

Tell me more!

  • Jinx :confused:

I’ve never actually used a Ouija. The psychomotor effect is, as I understand it, subconscious movements produced by a desire or expectation to see a movement. This is why dowsing seems to make sticks move “by themselves.” If you have your hand on the reader thingie, and you expect it to move, your hands will move it without you actually consciously moving it.

Oddly enough, when Ouija board users are blindfolded, the spirits are much less talkative, or at least they make much less sense. :frowning:

“Cleopatra used that on her face? Ewww. Michael, hang up on her.”

I messed around with one once and it told me UFO breaks it. I never did see any Ufo’s and nothing that got broken around the house could be attributed to one. Some things got broken by my birds, but those are easily identified flying objects, as opposed to the unidentified kind.

If they were really a means of communicating with the dead I’m sure I’d be asking questions about certain matters to people like Lee Harvey Oswald and Sid Vicious and quite a few other people. As far as i can tell the people who swear they’ve gotten some sort of a reaction from a Ouija board have never done this. Hey, if you can contact the dead, start asking them a few things besides “What’s your favorite color?” Sheesh, they’re dead, it’s not like they’re going to be arrested and tortured for revealing state secrets.

I tried it once, accidently summoned Yog-Sothoth, almost died before managing to seal the rift in time and space,and decided then and there it that it was evil.

I have never used one since.

I always figured the idea was to mess with your friends by deliberately pushing it around to whatever message you wanted to trick them with, and pretending it moved by itself.

KRC, I wonder… Did you find something broken and wonder what caused it to break? It is just a note of interest that something flying DID cause something to break. - Jinx

Who’s Yog-Sothoth?

I had one of the Parker Brothers Ouija boards when I was a kid, and I used to play quite a lot with my best friend Pam. We had to play at my house, since her parents were from a Fundamentalist sect and thought that ouija and seances and so on were the work of the devil.

I remember that we had several ouijing sessions in which we contacted a spirit named Donald, who told us that he died in the 1600s when a tree fell on him. I believed it at the time (I was about 10 years old, and we were sitting in a dimly lit basement room where it was already pretty spooky). As a grown-up, however, I’m more inclined to suspect that Pam was pushing.

[whisper]Check out: Was H.P. Lovecraft’s “Necronomicon” for real? … [whisper]

Kiminy and I have had one since we’ve been together (it was hers before we met). It still has a dark circle on the back from where we used it to cover a pot while popping pop-corn 19 years ago. We and the little Igors use it as a lap board, so yes, we use one.

But that wasn’t what you meant.

I’ve been to a couple of seance type things that pre-teens do to scare the bejezus out of themselves. I knew the secret, and covertly made it answer questions.


I was an avid user of the Ouija in elementary school. Almost as popular as spin-the-bottle in my grade 6 class. My friends and I used to talk with “spirits” all the time. I was fully moving the piece most of the time, and they’d do it the rest- i think we all fully knew what was going on, but kept playing anyway. Also, at 11 I formulated a theory surprisingly similar to the psychomotor effect (though I would also reason that, while a person always had to be the one moving the piece that didn’t mean her or she wasn’t channeling a spirit through her body- so as not to ruin the entire game for everyone)

Does anyone really believe in Ouija boards? Really? I can understand people who believe in Tarot, or astrology, or reading tea leaves. But does anyone out there really have a belief system that allows that the great mystery that lies at the end of life, the undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveller returns, the veil through which man kind has tried to peer throughout all of eternity… can be pierced by something you buy for $14.95 from Toy’R’Us?

Tarot cards or tea leaves cost less than $14.95 — and you can “understand” people who believe in those. Why? What is the relationship between the cost and efficacy?

Well, I think it’s that Parker Brothers dosen’t sell tarot cards. It’s a board game, they sell it next to Monopoly. “The spirits say… go to jail! Go directly to jail! Do not pass Go, do not collect $200!” It’s kind of like believing in the Magic 8 Ball. “O great spirits, I want to believe!” “Outlook not so good.”

Makes about as much sense as tarot cards.

I was asking Miller.