Ouiji Boards, what do you think about them?

I just recently watched a few people use an ouiji board for the first time. I’m a skeptic, but I was amazed with the answers that they were getting.

What do you think of the boards? Do you think they’re for real?

Ouija. :slight_smile:

I’m a skeptic about these things usually…

BUT, I did have a strange experience once back in H.S. when I, and another, “played” with one. The thing actually started to move about the board (in the ‘figure 8’ style) and answered all sorts of questions for us. I, thinking we were doing this unconsiously or so, had an observer give us questions that neither of us (players) would know the answer to - and it STILL answered the questions correctly (insert ‘twilight zone’ music here).

That wasn’t all, we then asked about what ‘Spirit’ we were dealing with and it spelled out s.a.t.i.n - to which I quizically responded, “Do you mean Satin?” At this, all of the lights in the house went out, and I, and my partner, both recieved what felt like an electric shock, throwing my arms from the game.

I’m not saying we WERE dealing with any spirits then, but I am still curious to what actually happened.

It’s ummm, a game, from Parker Bros., I think. It can be amusing with the right players, but it’s a game.

I don’t.

Yes, the “spirits” have nothing better to do than “guide” a mass-produced piece of plastic around a mass-produced sheet of wood. It doesn’t work if you make your own piece of plastic and piece of wood; you’ve got to buy the set manufactured by Parker Brothers. The “spirits” get kickbacks, you know.

They scare the hell out of me (not literally!).
I would never use one or even be in the same house as someone using one. I’ve never been a part of one, but the idea makes me uneasy. Maybe they work maybe they don’t, I don’t care.
I have no desire to summons the dead, nor mess with something that could turn evil.

Just writing about it is making me feel weird, I’m getting out of here…


Take a gander at what Skepdic.com to say.

I believe they are evil and spirits can work thru them to bother people.
If someone gave me one, I wouldthrow it away.
Don’t bother mocking, I won’t listen.
(Now I will see how His4ever felt)

Those boards are full of trolls.

I see by their web site that Parker Bros. also manufactures Twister, Scrabble and Monopoly. Do these give you the heebie-jeebies and summon up the dead, too?

No, Eve, Monopoly doesn’t give me the heebie-jeebies (although Mr. Moneybags has always kinda looked shifty to me).

Voodoo dolls are another “toy” that many people believe holds dark powers. You can buy your voodoo doll with VISA MasterCard and American Express!

Just because it happens to be sold by a company doesn’t mean much.

In a late-night college session I and my future wife contacted a spirit named “Clem” via Ouija.

Clem said that we would move to Kansas after graduation.

Nothing against Kansas, but it didn’t happen that way and it don’t look like it’s gonna happen now either…

Satan’s developmentally challenged brother.

A ouija board is a piece of cardboard with letters printed on it. It contains no mystical powers. Its operation is easily explained by the ideomotor effect. Anyone who believes otherwise is being foolish.

Simple tests to demonstrate that the people whose hands are on the pointer (“planchette”) are controlling it unconsciously:[ol][li]Have a group use the board answer questions using the board for a few minutes. Then blindfold them and ask them the same set of questions while they cannot see the board. Without their knowledge, rotate the board one-hundred-eighty degrees. Watch with amusement as they send the pointer to where the letters used to be.[]Make a new ouija board with symbol substitution instead of letters: heart for letter A, square for letter B, asterisk for letter C, down arrow for letter D, smiley face for letter E, and so forth. Write the code on a piece of paper and set it aside. The resulting message will be gibberish.[]As a slight modification of the above, make the code visible to the participants, and watch them trying not to be obvious about glancing at it to see what letter stands for what so they know where to send the pointer. For extra amusement, make two slightly different versions of the code to be read by the people on opposite sides of the board, and watch the ensuing planchette fight.Get or make a new ouija board using an alternative alphabet. For example, use a Cyrillic board and try to contact a Russian-speaking spirit.[/ol]It is a non-magical, non-mystical item. Period. The tests above, and any number of additional similar tests, will clearly demonstrate that the participants are the active motivators of the pointer. It’s spooky, but it’s easily explained and debunked.[/li]
It may be a fun party game, but attempting to connect it to some “spirit realm” or whatever is bullshit.

I am skeptical of anything claiming to be from “the other side” so tests such as messing with the board as you describe do answer the question as to if the participants decide to move the pointer. I am wondering, though, if the percentage of questions that the participants do not know the answers to and were answered correctly matches that of questions that the participants do know the answers. phew

What, with the way auntie em and I play Twister? After a few bottles of wine?

Something arcane and evil is afoot, I tell ya’.

Ohhhh… so, you got an evil spirit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Attempting to get information outside the will of God is forbidden.
I don’t think Monopoly or Scrabble qualify.

Satin, Lord of Heck.
Ouiji boards. :rolleyes: