Do you own a can opener?

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Yes I do. That’s how I open cans.

To Release the Whoop Ass.

Huh…all the Whoop Ass I’ve purchased in recent years has had the convenient pop-top.

At one time I didn’t but then had a can to open. It wasn’t pretty, so I got one for next time.

Tell me again, grandpa, what is a can?

That article is all over the place with no conclusion as to whether or not millennials really don’t own can openers. Or if they just don’t like tuna. It’s getting a little ridiculous with all the blaming millennials whenever sales of something is on the decline.

I’ve got an app for that on my phone.

I think millennials are less likely to own an iron than a can opener. No shortage of canned goods that even a millennial might want to open.

You know those cans with the little metal gripper thing that enables the top to be pulled off, similar to '70s style beer cans? I still use my can opener on those cans. Fuck those cans.

It wouldn’t surprise me if my 24 year old son doesn’t own a can opener. You don’t need a can opener to open a packet of ramen noodles.

I own many can openers.

Well, I open a lot of cans, naturally.

For a long time Spaghetti-Os didn’t have the pop tops, so I needed it for them. Now, finally, almost all the cans I get have pull tabs (various soups, beans, and tomato products). I’m just waiting for the beets I buy for pickled beets to be the same way and then I will basically never need it again.

Also, canned tuna is nasty. But I loathe the smell and taste of all seafood, so.

EDIT: Also, please note that by commonly accepted demographics, the oldest Millenials are about 36.

Who doesn’t own a can opener?

Canned vegetables and beans are basically staples in my house.

Both my 32 YO son & I have P-38s on our key chains & in our wallets. He also has an electric can opener on his kitchen wall. My wall mounted one is manual.

For most of the younger folks, a P-38 is a small folding can opener originally issued to the troops so that they could open cans that were issued to them. The can did not always contain food. My family’s P-38s are WWII surplus.

I also own a church key can opener. I use it much less than the rotary can opener.

I have a manual can opener. I use it only for canned tuna. Everything else that I buy canned has a pull top.

We have a manual can opener and a church key. No fancy electric gadgets for this house. :wink:

My Gen Z kiddo can use both.

As for canned tuna, we don’t buy it very often because none of us like it that much. I think the last can we bought had a pull tab.

I have one attached to a cabinet. Very convenient. I have the manual kind too but I haven’t used it since I lived in my old house probably six years ago. I used my can opener several times a week on canned tomatoes, sauce,and paste; on baked or black beans or the handy re-fried beans, occasionally on canned sweet corn although I do prefer frozen, and the occasional can of Spaghetti-Os for my daughter when she needs her comfort food. My 29 year old daughter I know has a can opener and cooks full meals pretty much every day.

Well, we’ll see if we can get more data, but I am leaning towards the idea that this is simply a matter of wealth. By the time I was born, the average American was no longer eating pickled pigs feet nor SPAM, because we simply didn’t need to. We could sell the off-bits to Mexico and Hawaii. Now, canned tuna is going the same way and we’re all watching YouTube videos telling us how to select local, organic produce.

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