Do you own a gun?

Yes or no?

I think it’s better to have:

  • Yes
  • No, though I could owe one
  • No, it’s illegal where I am
  • Other

A more useful one would bring it up into weapon types.

No. I lost all my guns in a sailing accident.

I’m not interested in why or what type.

No, I do not own a gun. :smiley:

“This is my rifle, this is my gun. One is for fighting, one is for fun!”

A better poll would have a range from 0 to more than 10.

No. I do not own any form of firearm and I do not have any desire to.

I do, but they’re stored offsite til the younguns reach a certain age.

34, perhaps?

Same here, well, I DID, bit they were lost in a tragic…boating…accident, sad really :dubious:

I own a little gun and a big-ass gun. The latter is definitely not what most people think of when they ask gun related questions online.

No. Never felt a need, never had an interest.

I was initially surprised at how high the “yes” vote is, but then I noted the time the thread was started. Come on you Europeans (when you wake up) - let’s see how your vote changes the totals.

Me personally, no - and will not allow them in my house.

Same here. (escept of course unless they had to, like a policeman…not that I have common reasons for them to be in my house)

Alas. I don’t own a boat so I was unable to have a tragic accident and lose all of my guns (tragically).

I bought a 38 Special revolver which had been retired from the Detroit Police Department for my wife when the Army sent me to Korea for a year. (Masad Ayoob recommends 38 special as the smallest caliber for a one shot stop.) I inherited some long guns from my father (indirectly through my brother: member name: Attack from the Third Dimension.) It seems my brother was hesitant about trying to import the guns into Canada. I am sure that 3rd Dim will want them back some day. All are legally registered (I don’t own a boat).

Like me. I do not own a gun. :smiley:

Really? I’m surprised the yes vote is so low, even considering the obviously kayfabe posts from several known gun enthusiasts here.

By the nature of the topic, this poll will be even more self-selecting than most. I predict a lot of ardent gun hobbyists and a lot of ardent anti-gun folks and not many middle of the roaders.

I’m a middle of the roader - so at least one of us has voted :).

I don’t own a gun, but I was raised with them, shot them and my parents still own a couple ( when I was a kid my father used to reload his own ammunition ). I wouldn’t particularly object to having one in my house. I just don’t have the time or inclination to add target shooting to my list of hobbies - it doesn’t interest me that much.

I’ve got to ask…what is it? A muzzle-loading black powder rifle? A sixteenth-century arquebus? A SIG AMT? Your cock?

I have to ask, are there any major countries (besides places like China or African dictatorships) in which the private ownership of firearms is completely banned, under all circumstances, no exceptions?