Do you own a gun?

Technically, yes. California being a community property state. My husband (who works in law enforcement) has 4. A handgun, a hunting rifle, a shotgun, and an antique inherited from great-grandpapy.

I will say, going from growing up in a house where we weren’t allowed to have plastic guns to living with someone who wears a holster all day is. . . an adjustment.

Yes, really. Gun ownership in the US is cited as being abut 80 million people. Knock out the kids (always a good idea) and I reckon this is about 35% of the population. At the time I wrote my post, the “yesses” were quite a bit more than that, although the yes vote seems to have fallen since. And given the left-wing slant of this board, I would expect gun ownership to be lower than average. And even lower when you add in non-US Dopers.

Interesting. I think a very conservative estimate would be that about 80% of the people I know own guns. I live in the rural South, though, so gun ownership here is likely way higher than other places.

This. Times about 23 or so.

Well, I did once, until they were stolen by gypsies, who then escaped in a boat. Which sank.

One is for fighting, one is for fun eh? Oh yeah, let me tell ya, I’ve got a great big… muzzle loading black powder rifle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Canadian eeeeevilll handgun shooter checkin in.

What is all this stuff about losing guns to boating accidents?

No gun and think all hand guns should be banned. Period.

Last week I went to Walmart and walking out as I walked in - a man in a sort of military fatigue outfit and his son, about 10, wearing a camouflage t-shirt…both carrying several boxes of ammo. To be quite honest, the look of hate on the dad’s face, and the look of guilt on the kids face scared me.

No gun, no need, no desire. But I do support the 2nd Amendment.

No. I have thought about getting one, but I doubt I ever will.

Never have, never will. Lost a 5 year old nephew 10 years ago, killed by another 5 year old playing with his dad’s handgun. That cemented my decision to never allow any gun of any kind in my house again.

I don’t own a gun right but that is not by choice. I went to buy a shotgun for bird hunting about two weeks ago and apparently Texas has a law that states you can only purchase firearms if you reside in Texas or a contiguous state. Since I’m a Colorado resident I wasn’t able to buy one. Since I’m missing elk season this year I probably won’t end up getting a gun now until late summer next year.

I don’t hunt anymore, so I dont need one anymore.

It’s an insider joke referring to a debate that gun owners have amongst themselves about the wisdom of admitting to gun ownership. If you admit owning a gun publicly it then becomes a matter of public record, and when “the government comes for the guns” they’ll know where to look. So by saying “I lost it in a boating accident” they are joking that they have guns but they’re not going to admit to it. It’s akin to someone saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, but doing it with a wink and a grin.
I find it amusing, myself. I suppose you have to really understand how deep the concern is among a small segment of gun owners to really get the joke.

Absolutely not, not ever, no way.

I think I’m going to need a bigger boat.

I’ve never bought one myself, but we have several guns in the house, mostly hunting guns from my husband’s youth. They’re unloaded and packed away. I won’t keep a loaded one around until my younger son is much older.

We took them to a range last spring and shot them. (*Not *the younger son, I hesitate to hand him a pair of scissors.) It was great fun.

Nope. In Scotland machetes, broken bottles and other improvised stabbing devices are the weapons of choice

I thought it was car bombs? Oh wait, thats Ireland…eh same thing.


<waits for exploding car in driveway for daring to say that>

Yes, several. Lets me sleep easy at night, knowing I can defend myself should such a horrible event ever happen.