Do you own a house or just rent.

Question to all Dopers ,do you own a house or rent an apartment?
I myself live in one bedroom apartment which I share with one roomate.
I could not afford rent my own 1 bedroom ,and forget about owning anything like a house or condominium.
From what I know Europeans usually rent places unlike in N.America where most of the people buy homes,is it true?

In the US, house owns you!

I own a beautiful house. It is a true colonial built in 1760 outside of Boston with 2.5 acres of landscaped yard.

Most Americans are raised to believe that owning a house is something to strive for and you are generally considered “behind the curve” if you have not made this step by your mid-30’s. Of course this easier in some areas than others but it is an essential part of the “American Dream”.

I rent–always have ever since I’ve been out on my own (20+ years). The thought of purchasing a house makes me queasy. Now I pay minimum rent for a wonderful house (4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, 1.5 baths, full basement) in the city, but I know if anything goes wrong (electric, plumbing, roof, etc.), one call to the owner and it’s all taken care of. He pays the city property taxes (and the water and sewer!), and does the upkeep, and pretty much stays out of the way and lets me do whatever I want to the property (paint, wallpaper, plant flower beds, etc.) Although I’m sure he’d have something to say if I decided to rip out a wall or something, as long as I take care of the place and pay the rent, he’s okay.

Yes, I know that the money is going into his pocket, instead of staying in mine, so to speak, but still, there’s that thought of me having to shell out thousands once the (very old) oil heating system decides to go kaplooey if it were my house. Plus, there’s also that fact that if I decide to persue a job/life/career in another town, state or even country, it’s just a matter of terminating my lease, instead of selling a house.

I’m single, never married, and 38 years old.

I’ve owned two houses; one in Denver, another outside of Orlando.

I moved to Cleveland last November, and I’m renting a house now. On Saturday, I’ll be heading out with my real estate agent to look at some houses to buy. This is at the top of my list. In areas with more affordable housing, it’s very common for single men and women to own their own single family houses.

Home ownership is often called the “American Dream” or “Australian Dream.” I don’t know if Canadians have an equivalent term.

I rent.

Now granted it is the American dream to buy a house but come on? I should be in debt for 20 years, have to mow my own lawn, something breaks I have to fix it…

Right now I live in an apartment. I would like to go as far as renting a townhouse type some day, so we have a little more space and an upstairs/downstairs (I miss that).

I own a 1500 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 bath house on 20+ acres which is for sale.

About to build a 3000 sq ft 4 bedroom 3 bath house on 5 acres on Kentucky lake.

We’re buying. I expect when we’re too old to take care of this place, we’ll either rent or move in with our baby…

I own. It’s just a tiny two-bedroom ranch but it’s got a decent yard for me to putter around in and it’s big enough for me and my boys.

I loathed renting, and am thrilled not to have to deal with landlords, leases, rules, and nosiness any longer.

Not really. Where I live, it’s about 50/50. I own an apartment myself: two bedroom, 65 square meters, 15 minutes from downtown Amsterdam.

Renting over here is an expensive option, pretty much like elsewhere in the world. You gain nothing in the long run. Therefore, renters are usually either people with little financial means (low income, students) or people who move around a lot (expats doing a 5 year stint here, etc). If you live here permanently, and have an average paying job or better, you usually buy.

I read somewhere that Holland has one of the lowest home ownership percentages in the EU, so buying seems to be predominant.

We rented a 700 square foot 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment for 3 years. It was cramped with 2 people, 3 cats, and too much stuff. :smiley:
We now own a townhouse. It is 1300 square feet with 2 bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms, 2 car garage with storage loft, fairly large living room, dining room and kitchen. We have owned for 2 years next month. We have a large enclosed patio and the HOA takes care of all the other landscape maitainance (all which is outside of the patio area).
We are working on renovating/updating the house to make it more modern (bathrooms and such- the house was built in 1982) but we are looking to move into a bigger house (and not one with a HOA) in 3 years or so.

I rent.

And, until I move to another town, I’m likely to keep renting. Houses in Santa Barbara tend to start around $400,000. :eek:

I bought my first house at the age of 41 two years ago.

Own? Own a house? The bank owns my house, and if they ever repossess it I just hope they like the wormwood bushes I planted in the yard, as well as my swamp cooler, which appears to be demonically possessed.

We own. I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it if I didn’t marry into it. My husband had a VA loan, so it was easy for him to get in.

We have no neighbors, so if the grass gets too long, who gives a shit! I like our house most of the time, even if it is 100+ years of quirkiness.

I own a house and rent an apartment. We live in the apartment, no one lives in the house. The house is located in Blue Ash, Ohio and is for sale. Would you like to buy it? The apartment is in Eastlake Woodlands, which is an unincorporated part of Pinellas County but we have an Oldsmar postal code. We’d like to buy a home here if we ever sell the house in Ohio.

FTR, I am 42 years old, male, with a full matched set family - wife, one girl, one boy. No dog. Also, for the OP’s mad Mod skillz, these survey sorts of things typically go in IMHO.

We rent a three-bedroom, two-bath house from the woman who was my wife’s last employer. For the first 4 years, we were paying $300 under market value, then earlier this year she had to put it up by $200 a month. We’re still getting a bargain. When the heating/air conditioning unit broke down for the last time, we had a new one the next week day. When the water heater died, same deal. She’s never been to visit us in all the time we’ve been there, or had a single complaint. I painted and wallpapered, and I take care of the yardwork - nothing else has ever come up.

We understand that she’d like to sell it, but the first we heard of that was two years ago. In the mean time, we are working like mad to pay down our credit card debt so that we can get a homeowners’ loan whenever she decides to sell. The longer she waits, the better it is for us!

We both would hate to have to go back to an apartment. This town is full of students, and we have gotten rather used to the peace and quiet of not being attached to someone else’s party headquarters.

I’ve owned a condo for nearly 5 years. Prior to that, I rented an apartment for six. I decided to buy because I didn’t want to be in another position where I could be kicked out after a year with little or no notice.

In Italy, traditionally, it was extremely difficult to buy unless you had the cash upfront, so most people rented (and hence the stereotype of Italians living at home until well into their dotage). Recently things have improved, so more and more people are buying. My parents bought their house 15 years ago with a 75% mortgage, I bought my apartment 3 years ago with a mortgage of over 100% (almost impossible to do as a single female without a little tweaking, and a cooperative estate agent). So in theory I am the proud owner of a 90 sqm two bed, two bath apartment in a pretty little town outside Rome. In practice, of course, I won’t actually own it until I’m 68 years old…

I own. My ex-husband and I bought the house in 1977, then sold it on contract for deed in 1980, when we divorced. A little over ten years ago the purchaser was moving to Dallas, and couldn’t get the house sold beforehand, so his lawyer talked to my lawyer and I signed a paper letting him out of the contract. So he kept his credit rating by not abandoning the place, but he lost his equity, and I basically had a 13-yr tenant. The house came back to me, not both of us, because my ex had got the down payment, and I got the difference between our original loan, and the buyer’s loan.

So I moved out of my apartment into the house. I live upstairs and rent out the downstairs. Just now I could give you a Pit-worthy rant on my latest(former) tenants, but that’s for another time.

I may have a new renter, my next door neighbor, a gentleman in his late 60’s, is selling the house he bought 40 years ago and raised his family in. He’s a widower, and quiet. His house three level house is too big for one person(plus a nice lady friend that visits, very discreet). But that would be weird. Sell, and move in next door.