Do you quote media?

I tend to quote movies and television shows quite often. While in conversation with a good female friend of mine I made some reference to The Princess Bride , and she didn’t pick up on it. It’s one of her favorite movies, but she claims that quoting is “a guy thing” and that’s why she didn’t pick up on it. So do you quote often, what do you quote, and what’s your gender?

That word, you keep using it. I do not think it means what you think it means.


This was the quote in question. Are you male or female? I need to know if my friend was talking out of her ass or not! Either that I I’ll just assume she was and move on.

Hi, I’m Dolores, and I am a quoter. Hi, Dolores!

Some of my favorites:

Bring out your dead! I’m not dead yet. - from The Holy Grail.
Yippee-kai-ay, motherfucker! - from Die Hard II
Nobody puts Baby (but I substitute whatever is necessary) in a corner! - Dirty Dancing

And plenty of others that of course I can’t think of right now…

Good question. :smiley:

It’s not a guy thing, it’s a geek thing. There are fewer female geeks than male geeks, so your friend’s misapprehension is understandable. As a geek, one is expected to have a working knowledge of the Geek Canon: The Princess Bride, The Star Wars Trilogy (prequels optional), The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Star Trek (how many incarnations depends on your age, temperment, geographical location, etc.), Dune (the series of books if you’re hardcore, but just the movie will suffice for a poseur), the collected films of Kevin Smith, the more famous sketches of Monty Phython, and many other important works. A geek should also be conversant in the current internet cliches and have at least a passing aquaintance with all major operating systems.

Oh I’m a quoter alright. I find I’m especially inclined to quote Mel Brooks around my best friend, as she’s a big fan of his stuff. Of the rest of my friends though, I find the ones that are music/theater people are the ones that quote. One that I seem to say with great frequency of late is “I have a mole?” from Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Interesting. She claims that she’s pretty geerky. She’s a major movie fan, but not really the other geeky things. I suppose she’s not a true geek and that’s why.

When one raises the topic of movie quotes, the phrase “shitload of dimes” always pops into my mind. YMMV.


I (male) have a long time friend (female) and we carry on entire conversations in song lyrics and even more obscure references to songs. But since both of us started as deejay’s, that may be more occupational slang that we just carried over to later life than a geek thing.

I’m female, and I quote. What I quote changes from time to time. Usually whatever movies I’ve been watching recently.

I’m a woman, and not only do I drop quotes into conversation all the time, I’ve trained my daughters to do the same. We’re very fond of quotes from Invader Zim, and it’s not unusual for one of us to say, “Hi, floor! Make me a sammich!” or “It’s got waffles in it!”

We tend to keep to ourselves quite a bit, as you might imagine.

Female pseudo-geek checking in. (I fit some of the profile but I’m not that computery and I’ve never seen Princess Bride)
I quote all sorts of stuff. Most people just look at me funny. Unless it’s the Simpsons - then they get it. I think I need to find a geekier entourage.