Do you re-close your bread with the closer thingie?

I hate to sound sexist, but every woman I’ve ever known and/or lived with, carefully re-closes the bread with the wire twist-tie, or that plastic clip thing.

The show Mad About You did a gag with this. The wife carefully opened the bread (or bagels or muffins) then carefully and meticulously re-closed it. The husband walked up, ripped the bag open, took what he wanted and left.

Now, I’m not that bad. But, I’ll immediately discard the closer tie thing. Who needs it? I just hold the bag by the top, give the bread a spin, then fold the top over. It’s much faster and works just as well.

Is this a Venus/Mars thing?

Oh, and I also eat the crust, since it’s the first thing I took out. Am I the only one on earth who does that, because I’ve never lived with anyone who would stoop to eating the crust if it were the last scrap of food on earth. Why is that?

I’m a woman, and I use the plastic clip-thing. But I keep my bread in the freezer, and I guess it gets tossed around a lot.

Have never really thought about it.

My girl and I are the inverse of the stereotype. She spins the bag (at best!) and I am pretty OCD about twist ties. But I’m getting better.

I spin the bag to close it and fold the flap(?) under. I’ll throw away the little closer thingy if I think my wife won’t notice.

Squeeze the air out, spin and wrap. Sit the loaf on top of the twisted plastic to prevent it from unwrapping.

I use the tie, and my husband does the twist-flip. It doesn’t bother me or anything that he doesn’t use it (though it would be nice if he actually threw the thingy out rather that me constantly finding little collections of them in the bottom of the bread basket), but for some reason I do feel compelled to close it back the way I found it.

As for the crust, if it’s a nice, fresh bakery loaf then it’s my favourite piece, but in a regular crummy sandwich loaf I do skip past it to the first “real” slice. I frequently use the crust for bread pudding or croutons, but don’t like it for a sandwich or toast.

Twist and flip. The crust is there only to take one for the team and absorb moisture, thus preventing the next slice from getting stale.

I use the tie until the loaf is half-gone or so, then twist and flip.

We use clothespins. The ties go into the trash on first opening. Since it’s so fast to use one, the only thing a lazier person could do is just leave the bag just sitting there.

I don’t really care - if the tie is there, I’ll use it. If it’s not, then twist-n-flip. Also, the heel of the loaf doesn’t get eaten until the loaf is gone - helps to keep the bread fresh. If the heels aren’t stale by the time the bread is gone, they get eaten, too. Otherwise, they’re given to the dog. He carries them around in his mouth like some kind of prize.

I fold the open end of the bag underneath the bread. the wait of the bread does a decent job of keeping air out. We do eat bread fairly fast at our house though.


I always use the clip. Always have, so I might have inherited it from my Mom. However, I appreciate that I do use it as housemates have had the habit of shuffling stuff around in the pantry or on the counter, and not being as careful to make sure that the excess wrapper is carefully tucked back under the loaf/bagels. And I don’t recall losing the clip to be a problem. I pop it off, retrieve the product, spin the bag and re-apply the clip.

Twisties go right into the trash. Spin & flip.

Clips will probably suffer the same fate unless we’re talking bagels or English muffins that might roll off the flap and let it untwist. Grr…

Bread heels are shields for the ‘real’ bread. Sometimes I’ll put peanut butter on them and toss them to the squirrels. Peanutbutter sticks the little jaws shut so they can’t call in sitreps on the wireless and slaughter little baby birds in their nests.

I have a drawerful of miniature “chip clip” thingies. When I open a new loaf of bread, the cheesey little twist tie goes in the trash and is replaced by a chip clip. We don’t use up bread very fast, and I like to have a tight-sealing clip to keep it fresh as long as possible.

We’ve got a plastic container for bread. Drop the bag in, pull the opening around the top of the container, snap the lid on.

Nope…although an old roomate of mine used to and he was male.

Wow, it never even occurred to me that anyone wouldn’t use the clip! See, I learned something today. :slight_smile:

The spouse and I both use the clip, and the crust/heel is usually not eaten since we almost never manage to finish a whole loaf of bread before it goes stale.

I guess when I buy bread, it’s either because I have plans for it and it’s not going to last more than week, or it’s just to have on hand, so it immediately goes in the freezer.

Re-closing it with a tie or clip just seems needless for the amount of time it’s going to be around after being opened.

I do have cloths pins for other things that come in bags. You can’t spin & fold potato chip bags.

I’m not totally un-anal though. You know how potato chip bags are usually much taller than the contents? I cut the top off the bag, so the top is only a couple inches from what’s in it. Then fold & clip. It bugs me digging my hand into a tall bag to get at what’s on the bottom. But that’s just something I do, and would never expect anyone else to do.

Woman, and I don’t reclose it. Oddly enough, it drives my husband (man) nuts. I take off the plastic thingy, and to reclose the bag I spin the bag and then set the bag down on the spun end. I’m not exactly sure why I don’t reclose it properly. Laziness?