do you really believe in true love?

It’s not thewill to stay together it is the continuing desire to stay together. Some of us have no problem living alone if there’s no one we actually want to be with day in and day out. And I for one don’t ever want to be with someone who doesn’t particularly want to be with me. If I thought he was in the relationship because it was better than being alone, he’d find himself alone very quickly.

Actually it’s “to blave,” which means “to bluff.” :slight_smile:

I don’t really believe in true love, but I believe in true comfort and trust. That is, in my opinion, better than true love, because I think that love can grow out of that. My boyfriend and I are very comfortable with one another. We are similar in background, socioeconomic stuff, religion, and basic world view. That kind of familiarity and comfort has freed us to be completely ourselves around each other. Love slowly grows out of that, I think.

I am actually suspicious of the kind of “love” that strikes you like a lighting bolt; you know: the kind of love that’s more infatutation than anything else. I have personally never garnered anything but deception and pain from that. But that’s probably just me.

I believe everyone has an Official Soulmate.

I think with 6 billion people on the planet, your odds of finding them are very slim.

Some people do. Those that don’t aren’t doomed to be unhappy. I think there are lots of people out there that can make us happy, despite not being the soulmate.

However, soulmates or no, I think marriage is 10% “love” and 90% commitment. Especially after those squishy “in love” feelings have subsided and you’re not walking around constantly intoxicated like you were at the beginning of the relationship. If you’re not committed to making it work (and I think even soulmates have to do this), you’re not going to stay together, period. I don’t think finding your soulmate automatically means that everything is smooth sailing for the rest of your lives.

For example, I’m pretty sure Mr. Carmichael is my soulmate. What if something happened, though, and some genie popped out of a bottle and said “No, wait, your soulmate is this guy” and then my supposed soulmate walks through the door? And let’s pretend for a minute that the genie was right, and this other guy is THE guy, my soulmate, and I know it the second I see him.

So what? He’s 8 years too late.

I think there comes a point when you’re considering marriage or whatnot when you decide “ok, this is it” and take the plunge and decide that whether or not this person is your “soulmate,” you’ve made your choice and you’re going to stay with the person you picked. Regardless of who shows up 15 or 20 years down the road who seems absolutely perfect for you.