Do you regularly use or subscribe to an OTT video service?

OTT (over the top) media providers are accessed over the Internet, such as PlutoTV, Tubi TV, Cheddar, Fubo TV, Magine TV, etc. Some are free and some are pay. Some specialize in certain content. There are hundreds of these services and more everyday.

Do you regularly use one?

Uh… since I’ve never even heard of any of those I guess the answer is “no”

yep. another “no.”

Another “huh?”

I have never heard of them either. What do people typically use them for?


In fact I don’t even know how or why I’d use one.

Cord cutters are the primary users of these platforms. They are aggregators of movies, tv shows, sports, etc.
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That would be me, and I’ve never heard of the companies, nor even the name for the distribution model.

What makes them different from Amazon Plus Streaming, or Netflix?

I use streaming services and know people who exclusively stream.

Never heard of anything in the OP.

Are we talking about some other (as in “iffy”) universe?

Nothing makes them different. Netflix and Amazon are considered OTT as well, just much more established.

Look on your Roku, smart TV or smart BlueRay player and you will likely see apps for connection to several OTT channels.
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I’ll bet that hardly anyone who uses Netflix or Amazon considers it an OTT service, because they’ve never heard the term.