Do you remember the Great Blackout of '96?

I was just reminded of it and remember thinking at the time (and whenever I’m reminded of it) just how amazingly huge it was. All along the West coast and even as far in as places in Texas were effected. California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and a few other states had power outages and blackouts that lasted for hours. It was in the summer, too, so that really sucked. And all because a powerline in Oregon caused a chain reaction after it fell onto some trees. If it’s not one of the biggest blackouts EVER, I’d be surprised.
Anyone else remember this? It’s the sort of event that you don’t tend to think back on until someone says “Hey, remember this?” Me, I remember it clearly…my family and I went over our neighbors to sit outside with them. I remember turning our battery-powered radio on to see if it was just Mesa, Arizona, and started hearing it was farrrrrr more widespread than just one city or even just our state.
Do you remember that day? To help anyone’s memory, it was also during election-type stuff happening in California at the time.

I remember it very well - it was a Saturday in August. I’d just become a shift manager at the pizza place I worked at in downtown San Jose. The building was located across the street from the State Building; I’ve always figured we must have been hooked up on a special power line shared with them, because the power was out across the entire valley except for my building and the State Building. So naturally, every single person in San Jose came to my restaurant. We shattered our sales record that night, by more than five times.

I don’t, but then, I was only 14 and I live on the East Coast. I do, however, remember the blackout of 2003…2002? No, it was 2003, because it was after my junior year. I remember it was caused by something similar…a small transformer or something blew up or broke in Ohio, and BAM, most of the northeast was out of power…except not. The weirdest places still had power.

I was in Troy, NY at the time, and where I lived had no power, like most of the town, but my friends who lived just a few blocks away did have power. my cousin was in NYC when it happened, and was actually stuck on the Brooklyn Bridge…and it was her first time ever in NYC. :eek:

At the time, it was the most widespread electrical blackout in history