Do you report fishy eBay buyers? Also, am I wrong thinking this is fishy?

Selling an item on eBay. Get a best offer. Potential buyer sends me a message through eBay asking for my email. I do not reply. 10 minutes later same potential buyer sends me another message saying “I think we can make a deal, please text me” and includes his phone number in a attached GIF file.

Seems fishy to me. Would you report it or ignore it?

Fishy. What kind of rating does the guy have?

He has 100% positive feedback, with 69 positive comments in the last 12 months.

I don’t think it’s fishy, but he’s probably one of those idiots that wants to haggle. I politely say eBay doesn’t allow changing the terms of a sale (which it doesn’t). If he gets jerky, then report him. That’s what I’ve done.

I’d ignore, then raise price. :wink:

Not “fishy” for you, but likely looking to cut out the middleman. Dont report, but tell him you have to go thru ebay.

Now if the item has been listed for a while, and you have some wiggle room, you can tell him if it doesnt sell you will relist with a lower price.

Or relist with a best offer option.

Then you can negotiate through eBay.

Yes, that works also.

Thanks all. For clarification, this was a best offer. It was below my asking price, but not unreasonable. Before I had a chance to respond he sent the emails requesting communication outside of eBay.

eBay frowns heavily on circumnavigating their fees for something that’s been listed on their site and puts your seller status at risk. Don’t do it. You can tell him the same thing.

ETA: Which is my guess what he’s angling towards. You can tell him that for his protection and yours, you need to communicate through eBay’s system. I hate buyers like this! Good luck.

May or may not be fishy that he gave you his number to talk. He may not know that it’s against eBay’s rules to communicate outside of ebay (the email listed on the site. This protects everyone involved, in case of any disputes all the info, emails, etc is already available on eBay. I’d politely tell him you don’t feel comfortable calling him and that you can discuss any deals over email. (within the site)

So what did you do, OP?:confused:

He definitely knows. Why do you think he put his phone number in a GIF? Because when he tried to put it directly into a message, eBay gave him an error message and told him that wasn’t allowed.

If you aren’t willing to accept below your asking price, why did you select “make me an offer” in your listing?

The OP didn’t say he wouldn’t accept an offer below the asking price. He said before he could respond to the offer, the potential buyer tried to communicate outside of ebay.

He just wanted opinions on whether he should report this buyer.