Is it worth reporting this eBay weirdo?

I am a seldom-buyer on eBay. I think I’ve had one transaction in the last couple of years (very recent, went fine, seller was paid and item received).

I just got an e-mail forwarded through eBay from another seller who is upset since I have supposedly been ignoring their e-mails for the past 8 months, and who is threatening to report me to eBay, PayPal and the FBI (dunno why they left out the NSA, CIA and TVA).

I have never to my knowledge bid on any of this person’s items, and have not received any prior e-mails from them. I don’t know what his/her problem is (aside from bad grammar and possible mental instability).

Is it a) worthwhile to report them to eBay, and b) how would I do this (customer support instructions are unhelpful; I don’t see any form to fill out that covers this situation)?

Are you sure it’s even real?

Hover over all the links and make sure they track back to ebay, specifically anything that says something like “Click here to respond”. Does this show up if you go to ebay . com and log into your account that way?

Sounds like a run of the mill phishing attempt (to get your ebay login/password at the very least).

The e-mail address and a contact link look genuine (not that I’m about to respond to this person or ciick on any links in the e-mail).

I checked on my eBay page and there were no messages from this person or anything relevant from eBay.

If it’s fake, somewhere in there one of the links (one that they want you to click on) will take you somewhere else. If you hover over them, something won’t start with ebay . com.

That’s still my guess. If you’ve never bought or bid on anything from this person there’s no reason for them to know who you are since, IIRC, ebay doesn’t show the winners anymore, right.

IOW, I’m guessing this is just a totally random email that has nothing to do with ebay at all, that even if you didn’t have an ebay account you still would have received this same email.

If it is fake, most of it (including the return/from address and all the ‘other’ links) will look or actually be real. It’s just the one that will say ‘click here [for some reason or another]’ that will take you elsewhere.

Ebay has made it almost impossible to lodge a complaint against someone unless you bought something from in the last 2 months or so.

If you have an hour to kill, you can try - but I can’t imagine ebay allowing any communication not necessary to a transaction.

(too many people were contacting the high bidder on something expensive and offering to sell it to them cheaper)

Did you see if the person is actually an ebayer?

Go to your “My Ebay page”. Click on purchase history. You can view all your purchases up to three years old. Look and see if you (or someone posing as you) did in fact purchase anything from this person.

I agree - this sounds like an attempt to take you to a fake ‘response’ page that will let you try to log in to something that looks like eBay - which will steal your account credentials.

This is the part that tells me the email is a fake. If the email had been sent through eBay, then it would show up in your messages on your eBay page. Just ignore.

I checked purchases back through 2012 and there is nothing from this seller. And I seem to have accumulated 18 positive feedbacks from sellers since 2008 and no neutrals or negatives.

Ignore sounds like the best option. Thanks to all.

If you can view all of the email headers, it may tell you whence it actually came. If you’re curious, that is. (I usually am, when I get a suspicious email.)

If have saved any messages or get any more in the future from this person, there are a couple of other things you can do:

  1. Forward the email with headers to They will respond to you and confirm whether or not it legitimately originated with them. They will also attempt to locate the scammer (if it is one) and have them shut down.

  2. Also, report it to your email provider as a phishing attempt.