Should I report this to eBay?

Quick back story: I ordered a video off of eBay from a seller in Tennesee. When he received my shipping adress, he noted that his sister lives in Massachusetts, a couple of towns over from me. No big deal, whatever excites you, ya know? When he sent the video, he also gave me her phone number, so I could call her and let her know I’d bought something from her brother. Apparently she’d get a kick out of it. I never called.

He sent his sister an email, including the fact that he’d sold to someone in Boston, and gave her my address. She knows exactly where my house is, but doesn’t know me , apparently. I know this because he forwarded me her reply.

He’s now added me to his MSN contact list, and has started sending me links to websites. The type of sites where you sell out your friends’ email addresses, and grant them a lifetime of spam.

Is it me, or is this dude crossing some sort of line between seller and buyer? Should I report him?

To me it does sound like it’s a little over the line.

But, hey, I live in Tennessee…what’s his address? Maybe I know him!

I agree that it’s over the line.

Have you tried to resolve this on your own first? Have you asked him to please remove you from his email lists?

The reason I ask is because I am fairly certain that reporting him to e-bay will do nothing. The couple of times I tried reporting to e-bay, I recieved nothing but form letters and more form letters. E-bay is, form my experience, a company that will do anything to not get involved.

Nevertheless, you should still report him in case that maybe it will work.

Leave the poor guy alone already, Berkut.