Do you salt the food before tasting it?

I have that habit of salting foods before tasting them. Anyone else doing the same thing?

Yep. On french fries at least.

No. But then I never salt my food.

When a guest wants salt in our house, it usually takes a few minutes to find the shaker. We don’t use it in recipes, either, with one exception: potato latkes.

No. I only reach for the salt shaker when cooking (which is rare) or if I’ve taken a bite of whatever and it’s desperately bland.

Not when ‘sampling’ but I do habitually put salt and pepper on every meal.
Sometimes my mum puts food on her salt.

Yes. But there are only two foods I put salt on- corn-on-the-cob and spaghetti.

And now that I think of it, french fries are the only food I put salt on.

I usually use lemon-pepper seasoning.

If I know it’s not salted, I salt it.

Heck yes. I love salt. If you handed me a salt lick, I’d put salt on it.

Blood pressure = 120/80 thank you very much.

I don’t salt before tasting. I think that automatically salting my plate is insulting to the chef. The food has been prepared with a certain mix of spices, and I’m going to taste it as it was meant to be tasted before I add anything.

Obviously I’m not talking about fries or other cheap fast food, which is made to taste like nothing whatsoever and requires salt to be edible.


I usually automatically add salt without tasting things first. There is no such thing as too much salt, too much garlic, or too many onions. I never thought about my penchant for lots of salt until someone pointed out that I was actually putting salt on my ham as well as my eggs. But then, in hot weather I lose all of my salt. I have been known to have salt crystallized all over my clothes in the heat. I think some people need more salt than others - an adrenal thing. Therefore they crave it. But then, I don’t even play a doctor on TV so I could be wrong.

Ditto, again, and even though there is no chef in a fast food establishment, I don’t salt that food, either. Mostly because it’s already so damn salty.


I always shake my head at the salt and pepper on the table in some Thai and other ethnic restaurants featuring strong flavors. Who the hell salts Thai food?

Ditto on “insult to the chef.” My only exception is the overcooked canned vegetables you get in some diners as a side. I don’t need to taste those to guarantee that they taste like nothing.

I think I fill my salt shaker maybe once a year. A few years ago I bought my second canister of Morton EVER.

Only when I know the food needs salt. Steamed broccoli, for instance, is a no-brainer for a dash of sodium chloride.

Aside from the obvious, I taste it first like my momma taught me.

I salt four things as a matter of course: tomato slices (which I cannot eat otherwise), corn on the cob and omelettes, which I make with tofu and homemade french fries, which are the only kind I eat. I do not salt completed cooked dishes without tasting them. I know people who do and I tend to roll my eyes.

Some level of salt is necessary in cooking, and also in eating, I think, but shaking it on before you know how much the cook has added in the preparation of the dish seems foolhardy. You can always add, you can’t subtract, and too much salt can ruin a dish.

I totaly agree! :cool:

I don’t use salt while cooking or eating nor do I have any in my house. I’d rather have my food bland than salted. Then again I have a whole cupboard full of spices that I do have…

I agree with your mum. Everything needs salt.

Why yes I am a smoker…why do you ask?

I always taste before salting. I like my foods on the less salty vs too salty side, but salt is an important ingredient in “marrying” all the flavors in a dish together. An undersalted dish is almost as bad as an oversalted one. You don’t need a lot of salt to do the trick, but you do need some. I don’t care how much lemon pepper and herbs you put on your food, it doesn’t perform the same function as salt.