Do you set the clock on your gadgets around the house?

Seems like every gadget in my house has a clock.

My coffee pot, stove, microwave, and three clock radios require my attention after power outages. My car radio has a clock that will need changing after daylight savings ends.

It bugs me to see a flashing display or ----- ----- on a unset clock.
Do you set the clock on your gadgets around the house?

Some of my friends don’t. I’m greeted by their coffee pot with ---- ----- anytime I reach for a refill.

The stove because it blinks otherwise, and that’s annoying. The over the stove microwave I can cancel out so it doesn’t display the time – no dashes, just blank, so not that one - no reason to have both the stove and microwave display the time. I think the only other thing is the thermostat, which I keep on time because it’s on a schedule. No radios or anything else with a display that I can think of. If there are, they don’t get set.

I have one gadget with a clock that I’m aware of - my microwave. I set it.

If my stove has a clock I’m unaware of it; I don’t use the stove. My fridge has no clock, and that sums up my appliances. My computers set themselves, and the only two clocks I have plugged into the wall are my alarm clocks, which of course I set if their battery backups aren’t enough to outlast the outage.

I forgot the thermostat. Mine is set to regular time. I don’t change it to daylight savings. It’s tiny and doesn’t bother me that it’s a hour off part of the year.

Yes, but I wait 2 years first.

Yes. The only two gadgets that still require me to set it are the stove and microwave. My current car syncs with my phone over Bluetooth; it gets its time from the phone and the phone sets itself. I did usually neglect setting the clock on my old car for DST, because I could never remember how to do it and I didn’t feel like pulling out the owner’s manual.

Ironically, I have two actual clocks in my house that are not set to the correct time, and are purely decorations. Last year I got one of those novelty Kit-Cat Klocks for Christmas (Yes, they still make those!). It’s fun, but as a clock it keeps terrible time, and it’s gradually lost time to the point where it’s no longer anywhere close to the correct time. The other is a stylish, modern, mantle clock I got as a graduation present many years ago. It looks nice, but I never bothered putting a new battery in it when the last one died. I never really used either of them for checking the time anyway.

ETA: I also set the clocks on all the microwaves in the office break room, because it annoys me that much to see them not set.

Yes – weekly, in fact. I have a Kitchen Aid coffee maker that, for some reason, loses about five minutes a week, so I’m constantly resetting the clock to keep it in line with the stove and microwave.

My stupid washing machine has a touch pad with a clock. Why? I can’t say it does anything but display the time. It doesn’t time the washing cycles or something, like that. This machine is about 8 mos. old. It’s been a PITA every since I used it the first time
Hate it. I want an on/off switch. A hot/cold switch. A large/small load switch. You think you can find one? Nope.
No washing machine needs a computer or a touch screen.
No I don’t set it. If I touch that screen bad things happen.

Yes, but it’s just the stove and microwave.

The only gadget I have with a clock is the microwave and I turn that off at the wall when I’m not using it so I don’t set the clock on it

Oh hell no. I use my phone to wake up. My microwave and coffeepot have been blinking for years – who cares?

My only gadget that ever needs a reset is the microwave. I reset as necessary.

And when I visit my parents and in-laws, I reset their clocks on the microwave, stove, coffee pot, etc. Otherwise it bothers me. A lot.

Just the clock on the stove. Otherwise, I just don’t pay attention to them.

Yes, but not to any degree of accuracy. Within a few minutes is good enough for me.

Plus it messes with my more anal friends…

The only appliance I have with a clock that requires setting is my microwave. Which yes, I do set.

The rest of the stuff with clocks, like my computer, phone, kindle, etc. set themselves.

I have two battery-operated clocks. I sometimes have to adjust them when I put in a new battery.

That’s it.

Why the hell would a refrigerator need a clock?

Stove, microwave, and toaster/convection oven all have clocks that I set. If I’m lucky, they all show the same time.

Clock radio
Analogue wall clock

I think that’s it, and oh yeah do I set them. It bothers me if they’re not correct. And by correct, I mean at some point they all need to be at least showing the same minute.

I do on my stove because I actually use it as a clock when I’m near it. The microwave is the only other gadget that can’t set the time on it’s own (ie clocks, t-stat, tv etc) and I just hit the clear button so it doesn’t blink, then it’s good until the next time it loses power.

narrative: I’m a full-on clock nut and have two mechanical clocks, two antique GE electric Telechron clocks, two “modern” digital electric clocks, five battery driven clocks, and the range clock. No microwave currently. When the power goes out all the electric clocks and range clock must be reset, which I do. When I did own a microwave it was never set.

P.S. Oops, I also change my thermostat clock seasonally and the time on the answering machine.

My microwave won’t let you do anything other than enter the time and date until those fields have been set, so yes, I set the clock on the microwave. I set the clock to the correct time, and I set the date to 11:11:11. The date doesn’t actually show on the microwave, or have any function at all. I believe this was the cheaper of two related models, and shares an interface with one that did SOMETHING with the date. It’s annoying as all heck to have to “set” the date to make it work.

I also need to set the time on the VCR/DVD player or it won’t work.

If the stove has a time, my husband might set it. I don’t. (and I’m not even sure whether it tells time.)

When I bought my washing machine I bought one of the few models that still had mechanical controls. And I’ve been VERY happy with that choice. It’s 20 years old, now. I hope it doesn’t die any time soon. It’s been great.