Have you set all your clocks?

Just finished going around and doing all my clocks. Well, my car needs to be done, but everything else is complete.

How about you?

The computers/Tivos/phones do themselves, the cable box did itself when I had one (use a CableCard now). My car has a built in Navi/XM and I think it will do itself, but I’ll find out the first time I leave the house today. The microwave gets ignored since I rarely use it to check the time on anyways. Besides, it’s ridiculously easy to change the time when you’re trying to use the microwave so even if I set the time, it would likely be wrong in a matter of weeks anyways, I don’t bother with it. The only thing I have to set it the oven/stove.

Gone are the days of running around the house with a watch that I know is right and setting 15 other clocks.

Two out of four, not including the car. I can’t remember if it changes automatically. I can’t reach one, and the other is in the bedroom where the mister is still sleeping.

Wait, what? Crap. I had no idea that was today.

All except my wife’s bedside alarm clock (don’t know how to use it and can’t be bothered while she’s asleep) and the cars.

No. ours don’t change for another two weeks.

but as we cater for American content and customers I have set my alarms to come to work an hour early for the next two weeks.

All but my car. Microwave, stove, alarm clock, watch, and the 2 analog clocks. We bought those when our daughter was young so she could tell time on a non-digital clock and understand clockwise and counter-clockwise. Everything else does it on their own. I loved it when I lived in Indiana and could ignore all this, but I guess they change now, too.

If history is any guide, it will be 2-3 months before I reset the clocks that don’t reset themselves.

The clock in my bedroom is correct only because it was never set back in the fall.

No. Never changed them last Fall.

Well, the cell phones and computers set themselves. My SO changed the oven, microwave and analog kitchen clock this morning. Which makes me realize: we have only three clocks in the house that aren’t on a phone/computer and they’re all in the same room! :smack:

I don’t think we’re driving anywhere today, so the car’s clock won’t get switched until tomorrow.

I still have to change my wristwatch (analog), but since I only wear it on Clinical days and we’re off this week, I fully expect to forget about it until I find it on the 22nd.

Yes I have. Both of them.

Microwave and stove are done, all others in the house reset themselves.

I’ll do the car tomorrow since I’m staying home alllll day today :slight_smile:

Of course it’s only the alarm clocks in the house that don’t automatically reset themselves. Husband was an hour late to work today.

The weather station thingy on the wall that gets its signals from some far off time-setting source probably won’t change itself till tomorrow. It needs new batteries because it doesn’t show the temperature outside, either. I don’t care, I can check the time and temperature on the computer, or the tv.

That was my reaction! I thought I was having a ‘Twilight Zone’ experience this morning; mudgirl and I were away all weekend for a bowling tournament, and as such, were out of touch with my normal information sources.

So, I woke up this morning, in the hotel room. I grabbed my Nook (which self-updates the time and date), and it said that it was 6:15AM. Fine. I needed to use the bathroom, and figured by the time I was done that and getting dressed to go to the lobby for coffee and orange juice, it would be past 6:30 (when they put out breakfast); well, post-bathroom and dressing, my eye happens upon the alarm clock on the side table; the alarm clock says it’s 5:40. Huh? I check my cell phone. My cell says 6:40. So I go to the breakfast area, just off the lobby. The lobby clock says 5:40, and breakfast isn’t out yet. Again, huh??:confused: So I get some fresh ice, go back to the room, and tune into one of the news stations that always posts the time. The news station says it’s 6:45. Damn. What’s going on here? Has Rod Serling invaded my personal space?

Eventually, mudgirl wakes up, we go out to the breakfast area and eat, back to the room, shower, pack, head out of town. We stopped to do a little shopping, then at IHOP for lunch. Exit IHOP. According to my Nook, it’s 2PM or so. The clock in my van agrees with that, but I haven’t figured out how to reset the clock since I bought the damned van, so it’s always been an hour ahead! That’s when it occurred to me that maybe last night was the night to set the clocks ahead!

When we stopped for gas, I double-checked with the cashier, who confirmed my suspicions.

Now, my Nook, my cell, computer and cable boxes are all updated, because they do it themselves. My microwave is done, because I did it. I still need to set my alarm clock and my stove. :smack:

But my state doesn’t do this whole weird magic voodoo ritual that causes strange bouts of time displacement.

No. All the clocks I rely on (phone, computer, etc) reset themselves. However I should make an effort to change all the others. I just know I’m going to mess something up when I rely on the car clock, etc if I don’t change them.