Do you sign greeting cards "fondly" or "love" or neither?

My wife has a habit of signing all her greeting cards "Love,____& ______

I really think that’s weird. Some of the recipients are merely acquaintances and others are good friends. I think you should make a distinction by signing each differently.

Should I feel uncomfortable about this? Am I alone in these feelings?

I feel weird signing “Love” on every card, too. For me, how I sign the card largely depends on who it is. If it’s a family member or close friend, it’s “Love,” or if we have an inside thing (my best friend and I have a certain quirk about signing cards to each other), I’ll sign it that way. If it’s an acquaintance, it’s “Best wishes” or “Warm regards.” My husband usually signs “Cheers,” if it’s a male acquaintance. I do that sometimes, too, but it sounds a little odd coming from a woman, IMHO, of course. If it’s a business correspondence, it’s always “Sincerely,” or “Regards” or some other neutral close.

P.S. - I’ve always found it weird that many lawyers sign their correspondence “Very truly yours.” That seems to indicate a far closer relationship than that of an attorney to client, yet all attorneys I’ve worked with sign letters that way.

I write “Happy Holidays! Love, Misnomer” for family and close friends. Everyone else gets “Happy Holidays! --Misnomer.”

Family or close friends - “Love.”
Not-so-close friends - “Yours,” which sounds more personal than “Yours truly” but not so much that it feels weird.

People I love – “Love.”

Everyone else – either “Regards” or nothing, depending on how much of a hand-written message there is. (I always write at least “Hope it’s happy!” or somesuch on a birthday card.)

I sign mine "Muchas smootches, " if it’s family or friends. Just ‘Happy Holidays’ or whatever for everyone else. Regards or yours truly sound so stiff and/or old fashioned to me (which is charming in the right situation). My rule is don’t sign what you wouldn’t say in person. And I’m a Muchas Smootches kind of person.

“- <name>”

“Love” - female Friends and Family
“Cheers,” “Best Wishes” or “Regards” - everyone else

I sign love only if it’s family or a friend I feel especially close to. Everyone else just gets a couple sentences* and my signature. No “love” or “regards” or anything.

*Is anyone else slightly annoyed by people that send cards with no message in them or just a generic “Happy Birthday!” or “Merry Christmas!”? If it’s just a colleague or acquaintance, I can understand but with friends and family, you should, in my mind, personalize it with at least a few short sentences.