Do you sing in the car?

Do you crank it out along with the radio or whatever else you have playing?

Do you sound good?

Do you care?
Just curious.

Oooh yeah.

And I bop too.

And I don’t care who’s looking.

Sigh… Yes. And sometimes, if I don’t know the lyrics, I will make up my own, usually nonsensical lyrics.
One time while I was doing this, I unknowingly butt dialed my (at the time) GF. Let’s just say she had quite the laugh at my expense. :slight_smile:

no, because I know I can’t sing.

I typically have my own little rock concert in the car: tapping my foot, drumming on the steering wheel, and singing really loudly. I don’t subject others to this behavior though, except maybe my kids. I don’t know where I stand as a singer, probably there are some songs I can sing decently, I usually just end up whistling if I can’t hit a high note.

Yes, I am notorious for singing with my music in the car. It would drive me nuts to not do it.

I don’t sound terrible. I used to be a really good singer (involved in choir and such.) The old vocal chords ain’t what they used to be, but I don’t traumatize anyone nearby.

If I really like the song, or it’s just a fun song to sing along with.
Sometimes the day is just a really good day.
Sometimes I’m just in a good mood for no reason at all, sometimes even when the day hasn’t been the greatest.

Yes, but only if I’m alone. Or driving the grandkids, so I can watch them roll their eyes. Because I’m really not a good singer.

I also play drums on the steering wheel.

I certainly don’t let that stop me.

Oh, yes! I sing enthusiastically. If we’re all in the car and a good song comes on…everyone sings.

I’m usually by myself, so yes, absolutely! I did realize that at a stop people can hear through the window so then I tone it down a little.

My parents lived at a distance so I didn’t see them that often for the ten or so years before my Mom died. But the last time I saw her healthy during a visit, it was just she and I headed to the fair and I blasted Bat Out Of Hell, one of her favorites. I can’t sing but she could and we both sang every word. Great memory.

When alone, hell, yes. Loudly.

Long drive home from work + Christmas concert practice CD = singing in my car

Yep, not always but if it’s a song that has lyrics I know. I even flip my drum stick at times😀

My turn signal sounds like a simple drum machine. So when I am sitting at a light with my turn signal on, I will tap a simple beat that compliments it.

I sing like no one’s listening! Which they’re not, because I’m usually alone in my car.

I don’t care if anyone sees me. I remember 0% of the people I see during my commute an hour later and I doubt anyone remembers me either.

Sometimes depending on the tune and the mood. The Outback has nice acoustics but I have a terrible voice.

Yes! I most definitely sing loud and proud in the car.:smiley:

As for quality:rolleyes:
I can sing,a bit. I’ve worked as a guitar player, and there are just a few songs I can sing…late, when everybody’s loaded.:smiley:

But in the car I let loose on all my favorite songs with no regard for actually pulling it off onstage, and I suck 99% of the time. I’ve got a deep voice and I’m pushing 50 and I smoke, there are no high notes in my repertoire.:stuck_out_tongue:

Of course I sound wonderful! The louder the background music the better it gets.

I love getting caught too, especially when this pasty white middle aged lady performs Master of Puppets and doesn’t miss a beat.

Bop? As in Cyndie Pauper She-bop? As in masturbation?