Do you smoke half cigs out of your own ashtray at home if low?

Not crushed up butts, but say one a bit less than half, not stubbed out?

Only if I’m desperate to the point of tears. Once you put it out, it never tastes the same again.

Dude- who only smokes half a cigarette?!? Ever?

Damned lightweights…


Blech. No. Never. If I ever get that desperate I’ll know for sure that it’s time to quit and stick with it for once.

I haven’t been quite that desperate yet, although I have saved half-smoked cigarettes by putting them back in the carton (when I was a poor student in Europe).

Did you ever drink beer out of the ashtray?

I roll my own cigarettes and a small bag of tobacco will last me anywhere from two to four months, so this is never an issue for me. It’s way cheaper to roll, and I’ve also heard from many people that it’s an easier transition to quitting if you want to quit.

Oh come on people! Don’t you know that you should leave them in public ashtrays for the less fortunate?

Allow me to introduce the term here: Butt Bandit. When I drove Armored downtown (Minneapolis), that’s what I called those squicky, unfortunate and probably mentally ill people who went around collecting cigarette butts from public ashtrays.

Out of your own ashtray? OK, not a problem. You smoked it to that point yourself. But picking them out of public ashtrays or off the sidewalks?


No way, dude. I’m never too completely lazy to go to the store to buy some. There’s always enough change, and there’s always a 24-hour gas station somewhere.

One of my best friends puts them out halfway EVERY SINGLE TIME! And he lights up very often. Wonder why he doesn’t just like, smoke a whole damned cigarette and use up half as many cigarettes?

But eh I will admit I’ve lit up a stubbed out one before - a “reburn” as we called them in high school, when cigs were hard to come by so you saved ones you had to put out early - they always taste gross and I always regretted it. Haven’t done it since I turned 18 and was able to buy my own.

ETA: this post just gave me a vivid memory of the smell of saved, half-smoked cigarettes that was pervasive back in the day - very strong funky smell I still associate with junior/senior year of HS. When you put one of those half-smoked cigs back in your pack it positively REEKED, way worse than just the smell of smoke even.

Reminds me of the scene in Bad Santa where Billy Bob wakes up in the morning and drinks a leftover beer with a cigarette butt in it. :slight_smile:

I don’t make it a habit to smoke a half cigarette, but it happens on occasion and don’t see the point of wasting it. Also if you just want one and don’t want to go the store, occasions like that. Half a cigarette is like 50 cents now! :slight_smile:


I am so glad I am not a smoker and never had to contemplate this question seriously! I have trouble reusing a drinking glass if it had something other than water in it if it has been empty for more than about 15 minutes!

Though I have seen aforementioned Butt Bandits around bus stops and such. One guy was literally walking up and down the line of people waiting and jumping forward at their feet to pick up what people tossed. He got this huge grin on his face when the bus showed up, like he was thinking “Jackpot!”

Sure. I don’t do it often as I usually smoke the entire thing but when I am low I have grabbed ones that may have a puff or two left in them.

Hell I have raided my cars ashtray in desperate times.

My SO does it a lot. He has the habit of only smoking half a cigarette. If he has something to do he will put out his cigarette half way though and then go do whatever. I am more of the after I finish this cig person.

I emptied the ashtray on his side of the bed once, ONCE. I was instructed that he had a lot of halfies in there that he was not done smoking. I never touched his ashtray again except to place a round yellow smiley face puffer snuffer in it. He loves that thing.

I learned many years ago the way to stop that is when you put the cig out to blow out on the filter to empty the smoke left in the cigarette. The left over smoke makes it taste funky when you light it up again.

You just reminded me of my sister when we were younger.

When I was about 3, my mom got this brilliant idea to teach us that smoking was a nasty, bad habit. She allowed our babysitter to give us each a drag off her cigarette. I don’t even remember if I tried it, after all I was only a toddler. I didn’t start smoking until I was 19. My middle sister refused to try it and has only smoked socially for about two months when she was 16.

My oldest sister (would have been 6 at the time) took one drag and fell in love. She finished the whole thing. From that day on, she used to sneak the butts left on the basement floor by our totally skanky-ass neighbors (they’d smoke while doing laundry and everything ended up on the floor). She continued to do that until she was 12. She would also pick them out of ashtrays in the mall (wow, I can’t believe I’m old enough to remember when smoking was legal in malls), or downtown. :eek: It was totally disgusting. By the time she was 12, she had older friends who would buy them for her but occasionally she’d still need to go ashtray diving in public places.
I don’t think our mom ever knew what my sister was doing, and how horribly her plan backfired.

I’ve done that. By accident at first, but I really need the drink, so… :eek:

The sad life of an alcoholic! :wink:


I also drink two and three-day-old coffee left over in the coffee maker.

Desperation *and * supreme cheapskateness play a big role.

Yes, I’m sad to say. Mostly I’m sad to say I’m still smoking. I’m a weak, weak, man.

But, I don’t crush out my cigarettes. I use a “snuffer”. It’s a nifty little device that deprives the bud of oxygen and immediately stops the combustion. I tend to smoke about 1/4 of the cigarette and will smoke the rest of it later.

For those of you “not in the know”. A snuffer is a small device with an opening at the top that is the same diameter as a standard cigarette. One places the cigarette in the opening and, voila, the cigarette stops burning. You can find one at any tobacco shop.

I actually quit smoking a month ago, but when I was smoking, I rarely smoked less than a whole cigarette at a time (and often two). So there were usually no halfsies to resmoke.

The new fireproof cigarettes leave me with half-a-cigs a lot (I work from home). So yes, I re-light them, but usually just 5 or 10 minutes after it went out.

Oh, and if a friend leaves a half smokd one at my house, I’m all over that too- and I’m also a cheapskate. :slight_smile: