Do you still have your troll's ???

Remember troll dolls? Of course you do! Do you still have yours ? did you ever have any? I was just wondering because I was going through some of my old toys at Mom n’ dads when I found my old TD’s . So I took them home and have named them and dressed them . ( it’s okay, you can go ahead and laugh at my empty life). so far I have Bubba , Frieda, Addy , Jenny, and Lizzie. Did you like your TD’s . I was at mty local Wal-mart the other day and I actually looked for some TD’s to get my… Uh… neice. Yeah my “neice” ( or myself , but who’s counting) and I couldnt find them! Troll dolls cant be found exept on Ebay ! Since I am having Credit card trouble lately I cant really buy stuff on the net so that really left me pissed at lack of troll dolls. You know what? I have been rambling on for too too long, why dont you just tell me about your TD’s ? :wink: :smiley: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes: :cool: :wally :eek: :cool: :smiley: :slight_smile: P.S. (I love the smiley’s more than i love the trolls

Your lying . I know you still love the trolls !

I bought one last summer at a flea market. It was in remarkably good condition. But I never had any when I was a kid.

Bart, bored to tears by Lovejoy’s sermon, pulls out a troll doll with large blue hair and begins to paraphrase “I’m a Soul Man”, substituting “troll” for “soul”. Marge grabs the doll away from him: “I don’t want you playing with something that has such bizarre hair. Awful, awful hair.”

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I have a bunch still. My best friend and I had a private joke about them, so we both still have our collections, or at least he’d better still have his too. :slight_smile:

A woman gave me one about 15 years ago for good luck when I was flying somewhere (I don’t recall where.) The woman has left my life, but the Troll still sits in the computer room.

It’s a good thing I actually read these threads, otherwise Flowerchild would have gotten a serious butt-kickin’ from your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator. :slight_smile:

Yup. :wink: The collective we doesn’t still have our trolls, we ban them as they show up.

Sorry Czarcasm , Next time I’ll add the word " doll " to the name.

I don’t mind your adding “doll” to my name! :wink:

::Giggles :: :o

You know, I miss the troll. It was kind of a yellowish-orange with a multicolored stomach, and when you touched its stomach it said stuff. It was so adorable, and I have no idea where it went. (Knowing me, I probably threw it out soon after getting it; by the time the trolls were popular, I was almost into my teenage years. Stupid need to be cool. :frowning: )